Dickens novel ‘hard times’ was set during this time.

Dickens provides three vivid examples of this utilitarian logic in Hard Times....

Hard Times (novel), an 1854 novel by Charles Dickens

It is important to remember throughout this paper that not only is Hard Times a work of fiction, it was meant to be a satire, a parody of ideas and ways of thinking at the time....

In the first two chapters of Hard Times, Dickens' attitudes to education are presented.

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Happy times
The Dickens family never had much money. Charles had seven brothers and sisters. Mr Dickens dreamed of being rich. Mrs Dickens dreamed of owning a school. Somehow things never went right.

I will be examining ‘Hard Times’, ‘Oliver Twist’, ‘Nicholas Nickelby’ and ‘David Copperfield‘.

Hard Times shows however that a “just the facts” philosophy creates a community inhospitable to the needs of one another, a society nearly void of human compassion, and one lacking in morality....

Like so many of Dickens' novels, "Hard Times" puts societal problems of the day on trial....

Hard Times? Not if you can collect works by Charles Dickens

Is, however, this "shift" one which Elizabeth Gaskell in North and South and Charles Dickens in Hard Times not only reflect but one which they endorse....

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Hard times
In 1822 the family moved to London. Now times were hard. Mr Dickens was sent to prison for six months for not paying his bills.

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Who was Charles Dickens?
Charles Dickens is a famous English writer. People all over the world enjoy his stories. One of them is Oliver Twist, the story of a poor boy in Victorian times. Books by Dickens can be funny and sad. His stories are full of interesting 'characters' (people).

Hard Times by Charles Dickens: Introduction

Dickens was extremely concerned with the miserable lives of the poor and working classes in the England of his day, and Hard Times is one of several of his novels that address these social problems directly.

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Charles Dickens, in Hard Times, parodies this way of thought by pushing its ideologies and implications to the extreme in his depiction of the McChoakumchild School....

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Two writers and their pieces which will be further examined in this piece are Sarah Stickney Ellis’s The Daughters of England: Their Position in Society, Character and Responsibilities, and Charles Dickens Hard Times....

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The characters in Hard Times have both the simplistic characteristics of a character developed for allegorical purposes, as well as the intricate qualities of "real" people.