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This was deciphered by many readers. It shows the first six moves of an Evans Gambit game in the Prince Notation, which was described on pages 162-163 of the July-August 1918 as ‘still another attempt to construct a universal chess language’. The creator was Lorenzo Prince of Montreal, and the explanation in the is reproduced below:

‘Banks played his first game of blindfold checkers at age five years and six months at the Detroit Chess and Checker Club.

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Often, players play the game with chess clocks. These clocks count thetime that each player separately takes for making his own moves. Additionalrules are then used, saying how many (possibly all) moves must be madebefore a player has used a certain time for his moves. For details, seethe .

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‘We have often expressed our opinion of that silliest of all chess exploits – the playing of a number of games simultaneously against a number of tenth-rate amateurs. To play half-a-dozen games without sight of the board is a real of which very few players are capable – to play half-a-hundred by merely parading up and down before as many chess-boards is what any tolerable player can do without difficulty. In such a case, he need only be insensible to the absurdity of the exhibition; and if he is a good walker, or can hire a velocipede, his triumph is infallible.’

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‘Some time ago a friend complained to me that, although he had been playing chess for many years, his game did not improve. “Is this”, he asked, “because I play only once a week?”

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A player can take a piece of the opponent by moving one of hisown pieces to the square that contains a piece of the opponent. The opponentspiece then is removed from the board, and out of play for the rest of thegame. (Taking is not compulsory.)

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‘Some time ago a friend complained to me that, although he had been playing chess for many years, his game did not improve. “Is this”, he asked, “because I play only once a week?”

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An earlier specimen of Rice’s play is given here from pages 45-46 of the 15 December 1883 issue of the . Played at the Manhattan Chess Club, it was one of 12 blindfold games played simultaneously by White.

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After some private analysis I ventured upon the innovation in off-hand games at the Manhattan Chess Club, enlisting as opponents some of the best players of that club. As a result of these games, I felt justified in the conclusion that the sacrifice secured at least an even, if not a better, game for White and that, therefore, it was sound. I then was fortunate enough to interest Mr S. Lipschütz, who made a thorough analysis of the gambit with me, testing the same in numerous contests over the board. By reason of this analysis, so many novel positions were brought about that I thought the chess world generally might like to become acquainted with the new continuation and, as Mr Lipschütz kindly consented to act as editor, I decided to publish.

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White is not lost. Black must play exceedingly well not to fall into the numerous traps and to obtain a promising game. The positions which arise in the Rice Gambit give difficult problems to both the first and second player and lend themselves therefore to as fine strategy as a chessplayer might wish to see. The Rice Gambit will ever be a valuable asset for the analyst, the player and the student.’