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What is precocious puberty?
Precocious puberty means having the signs of puberty (development of breasts, testes, pubic and underarm hair; body odor; menstrual bleeding; and increased growth rate) earlier than usual. Precocious puberty is puberty that starts before age 8 in a girl or 9 in a boy.

What is puberty?
Puberty is the beginning of sexual maturity. Puberty is the period when a child changes physically, hormonally, and sexually, and becomes able to reproduce.

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Most of us caring, responsible parents want to instill in our children our own personal values about relationships, sex, intimacy, love, and marriage. Unfortunately, the powerful irresponsible messages of pornography may be educating our children on these very important life issues. Just as thirty-second commercials can influence whether or not we choose one popular soft drink over another, exposure to pornography shapes our attitudes and values and, often, our behavior.

Sons have a definite edge as far as parental preference for childrenis concerned. Most parents prefer male children to female children throughoutthe world (Steinbacher & Holmes in Basow, 1992, p. 129). Also, peoplewho prefer sons are more likely to use technology for selecting the sexof their child (Steinbacher & Gilroy, 1990). This preference for malechildren is further emphasized by the finding that parents are more likelyto continue having children if they have only girls than if they have onlyboys (Hoffman, 1977).

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Children who have parents with strong egalitarian values tend to bemore knowledgeable about nonsex-typed objects and occupations than otherchildren (Weisner & Wilson-Mitchell, 1990). Children whose motherswork outside the home are not as traditional in sex role orientation aschildren whose mothers stay home (Weinraub, Jaeger, & Hoffman, 1988).In fact, preschool children whose mothers work outside the home experiencethe world with a sense that everyone in the family gets to become a memberof the outside world, and their sense of self includes the knowledge thatthey have the ability to make choices which are not hindered by gender(Davies & Banks, 1992).

Public sex is sexual activity that takes place in a public context

What causes precocious puberty?
Most cases of precocious puberty have no known cause. In some cases, the pituitary gland, which regulates the release of most of the body's hormones, signals the ovaries and testicles to begin hormone production prematurely. Signs of puberty may also appear early because of problems with adrenal gland, ovary or testicle function. Your child's doctor may want to do some tests to find out if there is an underlying medical condition. Some causes of early puberty include (CAH), , and with . Find out about (also called pseudo-precocious puberty).

Some possible underlying causes of precocious puberty are thought to be , social factors, and environmental contamination. In addition , can lead to early puberty. We are finding out more every day about chemicals in our environment, including personal care products, household products and cleaners, and foods, and the ways they disrupt our endocrine system. Looking at studies done with animals and humans, many of these “endocrine disruptors” seem to play a role in changing puberty timing. The timing and amount of exposure to the suspect chemicals need more study to better understand how they affect timing of puberty .

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Parental Influence
A child's earliest exposure to what it means to be male or female comesfrom parents (Lauer & Lauer, 1994; Santrock, 1994; Kaplan, 1991). Fromthe time their children are babies, parents treat sons and daughters differently,dressing infants in gender specific colors, giving gender differentiatedtoys, and expecting different behavior from boys and girls (Thorne, 1993).One study indicates that parents have differential expectations of sonsand daughters as early as 24 hours after birth (Rubin, Provenzano, &Luria, 1974).

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How does early puberty affect kids in other ways?
It's always hard to be different, and developing an adult-looking body earlier than your peers can put a lot of pressure on kids. Both boys [, and girls can have a tough time when they go through pubertal changes early. Your child may be teased, and may have body image or self-esteem problems. They may also be confused about what is happening to their body, and may have unfamiliar emotions.