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Immigration reform could unite children, parents

In Santa Cruz County, roughly 150 immigrants are deported each year according to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, though it is unknown how many of them leave children behind.

Going to your first meeting with an immigration attorney who might represent you? Here's what to bring and prepare for. ...

in the 1986 immigration reform act ..

Future Worker Program: A worker program to permit foreign‐born workers to enter the country safely and legally would help reduce illegal immigration and the loss of life in the American desert. Any program should include workplace protections, living wage levels, safeguards against the displacement of U.S. workers, and family unity.

WASHINGTON -- Thousands of foster care children in California may be reunited with their parents if immigration reform passes in Congress.

LOS ANGELES — It was just about a year ago that Yamilex Rustrian, 19, was on the National Mall in Washington, joining the Fast for Families demonstrations for immigration reform. She fasted for four days, and when President Barack Obama visited their encampment, she said, she rushed to him and said, “‘Thank you for DACA’ … He hugged me. He promised he would pass something.”

The leading immigration reform bill will introduce important modifications to integrate child welfare and immigration law.

Immigration "Reform" Won't Stop Parent-Child Separation

"We have seen numerous cases of parents who have been removed without being able to make decisions about their children, whether it is to bring them [along] or to leave them behind in the care of a relative or family friend," said Wendy Cervantes, vice president of Immigration and Child Rights Policy with First Focus.

Immigration "Reform" Won't Stop Parent-Child Separation ..

Current immigration laws were designed for single, male migrants who could move more easily than families between their homeland and the U.S. However there are growing numbers of entire families crossing the border.

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Regardless of why you're in the U.S. or how you got into the country, as a foreign national you need to have an understanding of how the U.S. immigration laws and the Selective Service Syste ...

comprehensive immigration reform might help resolve things

Are medical examinations required for the immigrant visa? Are there limitations to the number of immigrant visas? How many categories of family based immigration are there? Once a visa is ap ...

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Addressing Root Causes: Congress should examine the root causes of migration, such as under‐development and poverty in sending countries, and seek long‐term solutions. The antidote to the problem of illegal immigration is sustainable economic development in sending countries. In an ideal world, migration should be driven by choice, not necessity.

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Restoration of Due Process Rights: Due process rights taken away by the 1996 Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act (IIRIRA) should be restored. For example, the three and ten year bars to reentry should be eliminated.