History of British Christmas Customs and Traditions

In Protestant countries the tradition, as everything Christmas-related, intensified.

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Many Finns visit the sauna on Christmas Eve. Families gather and listen to the national “Peace of Christmas” radio broadcast. It is customary to visit the gravesites of departed family members.

The traditional dwelling place of the Finnish Father Christmas, "Joulupukki".

Christmas traditions vary from country to country

This is partly Christian tradition (from Germany), partly a pagan one - the Winter solstice was a time for the dead and their ghosts which must be placated.

Christmas is the time when Christians around the world celebrate the birth of Jesus.

As with all Christmas customs, local or global, the origins are forgotten and everything is intertwined with the modern folklore, Disney (whose seven dwarves bear marked resemblance to Christmas gnomes) and all...

British Christmas Traditions

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In the United States and England, children hang stockings on their bedpost or near a fireplace on Christmas Eve, hoping that it will be filled with treats while they sleep. In Scandinavia, similar-minded children leave their shoes on the hearth. This tradition can be traced to legends about Saint Nicholas. One legend tells of three poor sisters who could not marry because they had no money for a dowry. To save them from being sold by their father, St. Nick left each of the three sisters gifts of gold coins. One went down the chimney and landed in a pair of shoes that had been left on the hearth. Another went into a window and into a pair of stockings left hanging by the fire to dry.

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In southern France, some people burn a log in their homes from Christmas Eve until New Year’s Day. This stems from an ancient tradition in which farmers would use part of the log to ensure good luck for the next year’s harvest.

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During the warm and sunny Australian Christmas season, beach time and outdoor barbecues are common. Traditional Christmas day celebrations include family gatherings, exchanging gifts and either a hot meal with ham, turkey, pork or seafood or barbeques.

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Most Canadian Christmas traditions are very similar to those practiced in the United States. In the far north of the country, the Eskimos celebrate a winter festival called sinck tuck, which features parties with dancing and the exchanging of gifts.

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The Lithuanian Christmas tree with its distinctive white ornaments became a great hit at the exhibition and straw Christmas tree ornaments became a Lithuanian tradition.