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(These issues are relevant in other areas of Englishstudies, but not in close reading).

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For example, a poster might capture the processes of close reading and analysis of a single key passage of text (or image of a work of art), part of a larger project but focused on a key moment.

You have read this passage, and someone asks you "to write about it." What should you say?

Close reading is the basic mode of formal ..

Odysseus finally claims departure and he is given a sack, made of the skin of a full-grown ox, holding winds "that howl from every quarter." Nature
Reason Passage #2 Close Reading
Passage 2 Important Quotes from the Reading: In this passage of The Odyssey, Odysseus sent a group of his men led by Eurylochus to go explore Circe’s grounds.

By Nick M, Justin K,
Stephanie Z, Emily D, Beth Z,
and Hannah P Passage #1 Close Reading Interpretation 1.) " ...Zeus has made that king the master of all the winds, with power to calm them down or rouse them as he pleased."

2.) " But his plan was bound to fail, yes, our own reckless folly swept us on to ruin." Important Quotes from the Reading: Interpretation of Quotes: Quote 1:
Odysseus receives a sack of winds from Aeolus.

so just use whatever is close at hand.

They were asked, in other words, to begin by reading textsclosely as texts and not to move at once into the general context ofhuman experience or history.