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Should college athletes get paid or be allowed to receive sponsorship money?

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Athletes participating in NCAA or college sports should not be paid. Although they are bringing in large amounts of money through their performances, they are also getting paid in scholarship money. Along with their scholarship money, the NCAA has passed a rule providing all D1 athletes with unlimited meals and snacks. By supplying the athletes with free meal plans the stress of money for food is no longer an issue. Therefore these college athletes are already benefiting more so than other college students so more rewards would be unjust.

Since we’re in the heart of March Madness, now is a great time to debate whether college student-athletes should be paid or not.

Why College Athletes Deserve To Be Paid

If payments were involved, athletes would be incentivized to commit to the college or university with the highest offer. The next year, they may transfer to another school with an even higher offer. Before you know it, these college sports would be 100% a business. This new “business” could also lead to the downfall of other college programs. The money to pay athletes must come from somewhere, which might put the least-popular college programs at risk of being cut. That, in turn, can deprive other students of their chance to gain the education and experience at the college of their dreams, since their desired program will no longer be offered, .

“The Case for Paying College Athletes” appears in the Winter 2015 issue of the Journal of Economic Perspectives.

I believe college athletes should get paid because there is a lot of a hard work put into what they do. It’s more than just being an athlete but they are students too. Besides the stress of their next game and late practices, they have the stress of their academics which is a lot of weight to carry. I believe they should get paid for doing what they love and also carrying the weight of other things in life. It is more than just a game to these athletes and getting paid would also help some of their families despite the paid tuition. it is also setting them up for when they make it to the pros, which most of them would like to do. they do not need to get paid millions but being a college athlete is stressful and a little money wouldn’t hurt.

Today, most college athletes receive a scholarship to pay for a portion or sometimes all of one’s college tuition....

College Economics: And Why College Athletes Need to …

I believe that college athletes should be given a slice of the pie when it comes to intercollegiate revenue. As said in the above article that the March Madness ad revenue alone earned colleges one billion dollars. However; no college athletes ever got a slice of this pie. The athletes should be given enough money to cover basic living expenses like food and water. Also, if a athlete gets injured and is revoked of their scholarship then how are they supposed to be able to pay for their college education. This is where that intercollegiate money comes in that the athlete earned during the season to help pay for his college education. In conclusion, college athletes should be able to earn money to cover basic living expenses.

College athletes deserve to be paid: Joe Theismann

College athletes should not be paid any amounts of money because they will not be as passionate to that sport if they are being paid to play that sport.

I used to argue vehemently against paying college athletes

No college athletes shouldn’t be paid. Most receive a full ride if not a partial ride to college which saves the athletes thousands of dollars in tuition. Even though these colleges are profiting off of these student’s athletic abilities, they can’t pay the students who are at their school for the education so why should the athletes? These athletes are still students and can’t be paid to attend school. If student athletes are paid then the money will become more important than the education. Athletes would begin to attend the colleges that would pay them the most, not the ones that would better benefit their education. Student athletes are not professional athletes and should not be paid.

Tuition, room, board and books were compensation enough

Yes, college athletes should get paid because they are the ones putting work into the sport while nobody else is. For example, the coaches don’t do the same work as the players. As an addition people actually watch college football, basketball, etc. and pay money to go into the stadium and watch their matches, therefore why shouldn’t they paid?