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Preparing to enter college can be a daunting and time consuming task. The section offers comprehensive information on everything you need to get ready. Coverage includes and , submitting impressive applications to the colleges of choice, how to write compelling essays and more.

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There are more choices than ever to help you attain higher education. The section on compares a variety of programs which includes public and private , community colleges, , trade/vocational schools.

To succeed, students must devote the time and effort to assess themselves, their situation, and their goals—and then identify the schools that best meet their needs. But with more than 4,000 colleges and universities in the United States, the choices available can be overwhelming. And given the cost of higher education today, spending a semester or year at a school that’s a poor fit with the student may represent an expensive misstep.

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Prior to their College Match Consultation, many students and families have conducted some college research on their own or with help from guidebooks, websites, or high school counselors. Others may have met with Dr. Antonoff for College Planning Consultation in their freshman, sophomore, or junior years. No matter where clients may be in the college application process, however, Dr. Antonoff draws on his 30 years of knowledge and experience to empower, inform, and educate the student and family on appropriate college options.