Writing compare and contrast essay high school vs …

Find compare and contrast essay high school vs ..

A well-written compare and contrast ..

An outline might look like this:
A GOOD conclusion:
How can comparing and contrasting historical fiction and nonfiction texts deepen a reader’s understanding of historical events?

How does an author’s choice of narrator point of view affect the reader’s perception of character motivation and historical events?

How does an author’s purpose or personal point of view affect a reader’s perception of historical events?

stresses the importance of the thesis statement

gives the essay a sense of completeness

leaves a final impression on the reader

Before you begin outlining,
consider these questions:
Answer the question "So What?"
Show your readers why this paper was important.

WritingFix: an original compare and contrast writing …

Remind the students of their comparison of the words "poverty" and "wealth." Tell them you will not be satisfied with just one interpretation. For the next part of this assignment, they will be required to come up with four or five plausible interpretations. There is a space on the back of their graphic organizer for them to record their interpretations in the form of sentences.

Introduction Paragraph
minimum of 5 sentences

hook (see next slide)

thesis (last sentence in intro.)
Compare and Contrast Essay Structure
Topic sentence (hints at what the paragraph will be about)
Supporting details (example, evidence, quotation)
Transitional/bridge sentence (mention an idea that's to come in the next paragraph)