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Changes from baseline differed among the diet groups by less than 0.5 kg of body weight and 0.5 cm of waist circumference (). After 12 months, all groups, on average, slowly regained body weight. A total of 185 of the participants (23%) continued to lose weight from 6 months to 2 years; the mean (±SD) additional weight loss was 3.6±3.5 kg, for a mean total loss from baseline of 9.3±8.2 kg, with no significant differences among the diet groups. At 2 years, 31 to 37% of the participants had lost at least 5% of their initial body weight, 14 to 15% of the participants in each diet group had lost at least 10% of their initial weight, and 2 to 4% had lost 20 kg or more (P>0.20 for the comparisons between diets).

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The primary outcome of the study was the change in body weight over a period of 2 years, and the secondary outcome was the change in waist circumference. Data were pooled from the diets for the two factorial comparisons: low fat versus high fat and average protein versus high protein. The analysis also included a comparison of two of the four diets, the diet with the lowest carbohydrate content and the diet with the highest carbohydrate content, and included a test for trend across the four levels of carbohydrates. The effects of protein, fat, and carbohydrate levels were evaluated independently with the use of two-sample t-tests at a two-sided significance level of 0.05. Exploratory post hoc analyses were performed with threshold amounts of weight loss as outcomes, with Bonferroni's adjustment for multiple comparisons. Associations between adherence to the fat and protein goals and weight loss were also explored in post hoc analyses (see Methods in the ).

Hi Laura, My vanilla beans have soaked in the vodka now for a year, it is super smooth and wonderful. I bought brown 4 oz bottles and I’m now ready to actually bottle.
I have been using it out of my gallon jug and while I don’t mind the vanilla specks, is it best to strain it off? Would it hurt to bottle it with the vanilla seeds just removing the pods?
The vanilla I use to buy, from Penzey’s Spices, has a vanilla bean in each bottle, I also thought I would do that. Have you done that? Do you think that is ok to do?