Medialinguistic methods as complementary approaches

Language is by its very nature a communal thing; ..
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however (the two explanations are complementary, ..

In all of these controversies, there is nothing that can really be called a "right Marxism". The idea of a correct Marxism, so characteristic of a homogenizing culture, leading to the complementary notions of "revisionism" and "ultra-leftism" and has had the perverse effect that the struggle among Marxists are very often much more intense those of Marxists with their class enemies. To the extent of persecution and crime. This sad story of strife has perhaps had some reason that makes it understandable, but not excusable in any case. It must end.

Reviews of Books: Bulletin of Spanish Studies: Vol 91, No 8
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Cicero and the Roman thought ..

In the early years, Proletkult, today decried by some and by others, had a consistent and ambitious program to create a new culture, creating the "new man", a revolutionary break with the past. The "workers' opposition" within the Bolshevik Party defended a program of effective democratization of economic, political and cultural management. Against these trends, against their lack of realism, pragmatism of the great builders of the actual revolution was imposed: Lenin, Bukharin, Stalin. It is against that utopianism, and on the basis of actual failure of the policies of the NEP, the entire party leadership who really was in charge of the production began the shift towards a forced march, economically, and towards totalization in the political area. In this turn, industrialization made sense to seek the material basis without which any revolutionary dream was impossible.

L’ouvrage est intégralement en ligne sur ..
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But on the other hand, the possibility of dialogue is clearly and explicitly in the service of implication, searching the subjective commitment of the worker with the means of labor and environment they shape. This makes that an essential condition of possible dialogue is to be confined to the mission that encourages the production environment, and acting on that basis as inescapable consensus. The mission, by the way, is essentially fixed externally, and it is illicit to formulate conflicts on it, or in it. The result is that the dialogue is required a priori and externally to be of consensus. It may contain differences and oppositions, but no contradictions or questioning about its base. It is a dialogue that may have problems, but not conflict. Or again, a situation which excludes in advance the existence of radically different interests or possible confrontations.

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