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The building element 1 is a framed structure made of reinforced concrete

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Concrete Block vs. Wood Frame Construction We are very interested in purchasing a home that is of "frame" construction. Although the property appraiser rates this home as having "excellent construction", we are concerned about termites and weather. Is it okay to buy a wood frame constructed home in Florida?? Thank You,

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I am not as concerned about the construction materials used in homes as I am about the quality of the construction. Good arguments? - pro and con - can be made about the relative quality of concrete block, wood frame, metal frame and poured concrete construction. I have seen many examples of good quality and poor quality homes made out of each of these materials.

Thermal mass is a property that enables building materials to absorb, store, and later release significant amounts of heat. Buildings constructed of concrete and masonry have a unique energy-saving advantage because of their inherent thermal mass. These materials absorb energy slowly and hold it for much longer periods of time than do less massive materials. This delays and reduces heat transfer through a thermal mass building component, leading to three important results.

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Walls may or may not have lateral pressures and may be reinforced concrete, generic load bearing or concrete block walls with or without reinforcement (the dimensions of the blocks are introduced by the user or from manufacturer catalogues such as NORMABLOC National Association of Concrete Blocks and Masonry Manufacturers).

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Walls may contain openings. The program calculates the necessary additional reinforcement of the openings in the reinforced concrete walls (lintel, guardrail, lateral and diagonal) and the lintel reinforcement when the gaps are introduced in concrete block walls. Additionally, it is possible to obtain a report of the checks that are carried out in the analysis on this reinforcement and can be viewed on screen or printed out.

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Isolated or combined pad foundations may be composed of reinforced concrete or mass concrete and may support multiple columns.

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The analysis of the structure is carried out by means of a 3D spatial analysis using stiffness matrix methods, making up all the elements defining the structure: columns, reinforced concrete shear walls, walls, beams and slabs. Having finished the analysis, the various elements may be checked for errors.

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The type of joints resolved using the Joints I and Joints II modules have a broader field of application in warehouses designed in CYPE 3D and the Integrated 3D structures of CYPECAD, whilst the types of joints designed using the Joints III and Joints IV modules is more applicable to building structures composed of frames designed in CYPECAD. Nonetheless, each joint that is designed by any of the indicated modules is resolved in the same way regardless of the program in which it is applied; as a matter of fact, the Joints I, Joints II, Joints III and Joints IV modules have common joint types.