Making Concurrent Engineering a success is really a management issue.

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benchmark) develop metrics identify potential performance improvements and targets develop a clear Vision of the future environment get top management support get cross-functional endorsement develop a clear Strategy to attain the envisioned environment get top management support get cross-functional endorsement develop a detailed implementation plan get top management support get cross-functional endorsementConcurrent Engineering is a business strategy, not a quick fix.

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Polaroid Corp.'s Captiva instant camera is also the result of a Concurrent Engineering approach, as a result of which Polaroid was able to make literally hundreds of working prototypes.

Warning signs include: unwillingness to institutionalize Concurrent Engineering maintenance of traditional functional reward systems maintenance of traditional reporting lines no training in teamwork unrealistic schedules no changes in relationships with vendors a focus on computerization rather than process improvement To make Concurrent Engineering a real success, all the necessary information concerning products, parts and processes, has to be available at the right time.

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An example of the use of Concurrent Engineering can be found in General Electric's Aircraft Engines Division's approach for the development of the engine for the new F/A-18E/F.

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Examples from companies using Concurrent Engineering techniques show significant increases in overall quality, 30-40% reduction in project times and costs, and 60-80% reductions in design changes after release.

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de Graaf, R.; Wognum, P. M.; Stoeten B. J. B.; & Kerkhof, M. (1996, August). PMO-RACE: A combined method for assessing organisations for CE. Paper presented at the III International Conference on concurrent engineering: research & applications, Ontario, Canada.

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Concurrent Engineering provides benefits such as reduced product development time, reduced design rework, reduced product development cost and improved communications.

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Before DFM, the motto was "I designed it; you build it!" Designengineers worked alone or only in the company of other design engineers in"The Engineering Department." Designs were then thrown over the wallleaving manufacturing people with the dilemma of either objecting (but its tolate to change the design!) or struggling to launch a product that was notdesigned for manufacturability. Often this delayed the both the product launch the time to ramp up to full production, which is the only meaningful measure oftime-to-market.