"Russia Admits Chechnya Losses Growing," says the news headline....

The  agreed to hear civilian cases brought by Chechens against Russia in October .

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Former Chechen President was killed by a in on , 2004. A Qatari court convicted two Russian government agents in the bombing. The Russian government denied involvement in the attack, blaming infighting among rebel factions or a dispute over money. Moscow had at the time been involved in a bid to extradite Yandarbiyev to Russia to face terrorism-related charges.

Both Russia and Chechnya had different goals and interests that they tried to achieve.

How Chechnya Became a Breeding Ground for Terror

Declaring the struggle a , Shaykh Mansur and his Muslim mountaineersinflicted a crushing defeat on Czarist forces at the Sunzha River in 1785 and were brieflyable to unite much of what is modern Daghestan and Chechnya under their rule.

The Chechnya- Russia conflict, can be more understood by looking to the past....

Invariably at the heartof this Chechen resistance have been the remarkably resilient, furtive, and politicallyactive Islamic mystical brotherhoods of the Caucasus.

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The constitutional referendum was strongly supported by the Russian government but met a harsh critical response from Chechen separatists; many separatists chose to boycott the ballot.

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1998 May - Valentin Vlasov, Russia's presidential representative in Chechnya, is kidnapped and held for six months. Later in the year, four engineers from Britain and New Zealand are kidnapped and murdered.

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1995 June - Chechen rebels seize hundreds of hostages at a hospital in Budennovsk, southern Russia. More than 100 are killed in the raid and in an unsuccessful Russian commando operation.

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1999 March - Moscow's top envoy to Chechnya, General Gennadiy Shpigun, is kidnapped from the airport in Grozny. His corpse is found in Chechnya in March 2000.

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As recently as the late 1970s, Sovietauthorities testified to the abiding attraction of these shrines, listing more than 70active in Daghestan and over 30 more in Chechnya.

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A group of former rebel field commanders announces the formation of a rival body to govern Chechnya according to Shari'ah law and calls on Aslan Maskhadov to relinquish the presidency.

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1994 December - Russian troops enter Chechnya to quash the independence movement. Up to 100,000 people - many of them civilians - are estimated to have been killed in the 20-month war that followed.