Euthanasia has been a controversial issue for a very long time

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Poverty is a Controversial Issue. - GCSE Religious …

Examines case studies of investigative journalists who have been dismissed or forced to resign because of "too aggressive" journalistic practices and cases of censorship mandated by television and print media management.

They discuss both the medium and the message, plus thecontroversial issue of content filtering.

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In addition, we must take particular care and achieve due impartiality when a 'controversial subject' may be considered to be a . 'Major matters' are usually matters of public policy or political or industrial controversy that are of national or international importance, or of a similar significance within a smaller coverage area. When dealing with 'major matters', or when the issues involved are highly controversial and/or a decisive moment in the controversy is expected, it will normally be necessary to ensure that an appropriately wide range of significant views are reflected in a clearly linked '', a single programme or sometimes even a single item.

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Due impartiality normally allows for programmes and other output to explore or report on a specific aspect of an issue or provide an opportunity for a single view to be expressed. When dealing with 'controversial subjects' this should be clearly signposted, should acknowledge that a range of views exists and the weight of those views, and should not misrepresent them.

Why is abortion such a controversial issue