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What event would have to happen for the United States to have another Civil War or Revolution?

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To give an example from history, the Army and Navy commanders at Pearl Harbor in December 1941 didn't know the specific intentions, plans and dispositions of Japan's Navy. However, they did know that British carrier-launched planes had devastated Italy's Navy at anchor at the Taranto naval base a little more than a year previous. Historians have long suggested that these US commanders could have taken better precautions against attack from the air, based on this knowledge ... exact prediction of an attack.

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A company I was with a couple of years back was doing a webex with the CTO (IIRC) of a company that was doing a presentation on their software. Several times during the presentation, the CTO switched to an Excel spreadsheet that listed all of their logins and passwords for various internal and external websites and services. If one shady person was on our team, they could have taken a screenshot and done serious damage with it.

And no, I've chosen not to do Facebook, Twitter or any other kind of social networking. I want to hang on to whatever bits of privacy I can still manage, thank you (and I don't give a flying overripe banana what Larry Page thinks).

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within the Department of Defense, staffed by neoconservatives long committed to overthrowing Saddam Hussein, whose job was to cherry-pick intelligence snippets that could be used to paint a picture of a terribly threatening Iraq, then send it up the chain to be used by senior officials in their public persuasion efforts. The administration even CIA interrogators to torture detainees in a futile effort to produce "evidence" of a link between Saddam's regime and al-Qaeda.

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Republicans often defend their support of the war by saying that many Democrats, including Hillary Clinton, looked at the same intelligence they did and came to the same conclusion. But it's also true, as Greg Sargent , that many of Clinton's colleagues looked at the same intelligence she did and came to a different conclusion. So what did she miss? What did the experience teach her about the way intelligence is produced and used? And what about everything that happened afterward?

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--Like jaycee331 has said and many others will too, that's bull. One still "has" to use them but can separate their comms they really care about from the comms they don't as much. If no one in the communication is willing to bring up the "awkward moment" of suggesting they move to more secure comms, then it's on par as unsafe sex. Conversing w/ "sluts" that don't take precautions puts you at risk, not to mention the "STD's" they bring w/ them ie: the malware in their computer. And again this goes back to basic OPSEC and a mindset of physically separating data streams, and even ...I'll keep repeating that some basic OPSEC by a lot of people could go a real long way to making malware work harder and wiping disks, reflashing firmware, swapping computers and using unconventional comms that work. In a sense people need have multiple roles that are ready to overtake and undertake actions of "digital mitosis" (importantly, off line and using stone-stepped measures to build new media to continue bouncing around).

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As , the idea that the war was a result of "faulty intelligence" is a myth. The fact is that "the intelligence" on Iraq was a multi-faceted thing, and even at the time people understood that the Bush administration was manipulating it to its own ends, pressuring the intelligence community, cherry-picking the most nefarious-sounding bits, and ignoring the weight of evidence that there was no gigantic arsenal of WMD in Iraq, and that Saddam Hussein's government was not in fact in league with al-Qaeda. The administration got the intelligence it demanded, and what's most important to remember now is that plenty of people understood that at the time. While most of the media were beating the drums for war, there were outlets and individual reporters raising doubts about the line the administration was pushing and the specific pieces of evidence they were offering. Supposedly damning pieces of information like the uranium yellowcake from Niger and the aluminum tubes were quickly debunked. There was an active movement protesting the upcoming war. The administration's campaign of fear was so heavy-handed that no observer could doubt that they wanted war at all costs, no matter what the evidence actually said.