.Creating a low-anxiety classroom …

Affect*: in the Second Language Classroom: How to create an emotional climate.
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Issues of motivation and language anxiety are key to this topic of affect in the second language classroom." For many the simple mention of humour condors up notions and protests of, "I'm not funny, I don't use humour." " I can't tell a joke; let alone use one in class." For others it is something to be feared, synonymous with classroom disorder and chaos.

Singing is a need to lower the fear of failure by creating a relaxed Low-Anxiety ..
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Social Anxiety and Helping Children ..

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘counselor’? For some, this evokes an image of mental health professionals who provide treatment for issues such as depression or anxiety. For others, you may think of a supportive staff member who helps college students through academic, personal, financial, and other stressful events they experience at college. Still others may think of an admissions staff member, a lawyer (general counsel), or someone who offers tutoring.

In short, creating a low-anxiety classroom atmosphere should be one of the main responsibilities of L2 teachers
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The NaBITA Threat assessment tool was created in 2009 and updated in 2014 as a broad triage process to rate mental health concerns, hostility and violence risks and the generalized risk rubric (mild, moderate, elevated, severe and extreme).

Humour can be an effective tool in teaching and in creating the affective second language classroom.
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