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Home page of the PDC (Pole Dance Community). Professional pole instructors hub.

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Dance at PCC provides an opportunity to enhance each student’s quality of life as a result of physical activity, self-expression, and group interaction. The PCC Dance Program appreciates the cultural, historical and artistic value of dance in society and works to create connections between students and the larger community.

We are Hartford Community Dance, but you can call us by our nickname, HCD

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Our dance program offers dynamic, student-centered classes in a variety of dance techniques and traditions including Modern, Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, Improvisation and Ballroom with leading instructors from the Portland Dance Community. Dance theory courses are also offered online and at the Sylvania campus. Performance opportunities are also available to students who are interested through the Dance Performance (D209) class. These opportunities range from informal to formal and include Open Showings at the end of each term and formal performances in Fall, Winter, and Spring terms. Past projects have included collaborations with other art forms in the Visual Performing Arts and Design Programming, as well as Dance for Camera projects. Additionally, every other year PCC Dance collaborates with PCC Music and Theater Programs to produce a professional level Musical as a part of the curriculum.

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Having witnessed years of mama drama and the ugly side of dance competitions, and hoping to leave a positive mark on the larger dance community, we conceived and introduced "The Dance Button Project" -- a program that promoted goodwill among dancers by encouraging them to award "Awesome Dancer" buttons to dancers from other dance studios. Within two years more than 2,500 "Awesome Dancer" buttons had been handed out one button at a time to dancers across the United States, Canada and Australia.

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