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Common research and data collection methods on violence against women and girls include:

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If trade data are used for validatingor estimating landings, the quantities will usually need converting to wholeweight.The lack of detail in export data can be a problem simplybecause of the form in which they are collected.

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Copies are likely to be required for the market administration (ifnecessary), the seller, the buyer and the fishery authority.General sales records, such as volume of sales and prices byproduct type, provide useful information for bio-economic analyses and a sourceof data on catch and landings when all other avenues for data collection areunavailable.

Data forms will need to be customised to the type ofprocessing and the factory management system.Market transaction records may form a feasible way ofcollecting landings with complete enumeration, particularly in large fleets ofsmall-scale vessels that land in central locations.

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Although these methods may notoften be considered routine, they provide important data and should beconsidered for infrequent data collection where possible.Key informants are individuals with specialisedknowledge on a particular topic.

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It is important thatthis type of research is carried out periodically in order to obtain timesequential data.Similarly, socio-cultural research methods can be used toobtain specific information useful to management.

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This potentialbias of data collected by law-enforcement officers should be considered inanalyses.Ecological research methods can be undertaken independent ofcommercial fishing operations to measure variables related to fish populationsor the environment.

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Focus groups could also be used to collect data on project outcomes and impact during the summative phase of evaluation (e.g., Were changes made in the curriculum?

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However, the data directly collected byenumerators can also be the major source as well as supporting data for thosecollected through other methods.While product data in processing plants can be collectedthrough questionnaire (6.3.2) or interview (6.3.3), enumerators can directlycollect many physical variables (weight, number, size etc.) more accurately.

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Originally used as a market research tool to investigate the appeal of various products, the focus group technique has been adopted by other fields, such as education, as a tool for data gathering on a given topic.

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These data if collected can be usedto validate landing data.Collecting data to estimate raising factors for convertinglanded processed fish weight to the whole weight equivalent may be necessary.