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The Marine Engineers Beneficial Association (MEBA) is world renown for providing state of the art professional training to today’s professional marine engineers, captains, and deck officers in this educational facility. The scope of this project included complete audiovisual and acoustical design services for a 200-seat multipurpose auditorium at the Calhoon MEBA School of Engineering. Involvement in programming & design services, preparation of construction documents, bidding document review, and construction administration services were a key component of this project. The auditorium features audiovisual presentation, program/speech audio reinforcement, surround sound audio, and audio/video production capabilities, recording & editing facilities, and performance quality room acoustics. Key design team contributions included the development of acoustical criteria including recommendations for room shaping, finishes, HVAC equipment noise levels, sound isolation, and room acoustical and floor slab vibration properties. A truly multi-functional space, the facility hosts regional chamber music festival performances on an annual basis with great success. The project has been successfully complete and operational since November 2004.

There was a “breakthrough” in sound with the advent of Universal Pictures’ Sensurround in the mid-70s.

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Soon, the tides of change would alter the film industry forever; when through a mixture of corporate maneuvering and scientific research & development, sound for film would soon re-emerge.

Multichannel surround sound opened up possibilities for sound engineers of the time to create aural worlds that couldn’t be possible in mono sound.

Whether or not films are shown in full-screen, widescreen, 70mm, b/w, Technicolor , mono, stereo, films needn’t be loud or remixed in 5.1 surround sound to be enjoyed.