It's not supposed to be the waywe do things,” says Rosenbaum.

But it does notmean that the Devil no longer exists.'To Richard's surprise McTavish replied.

“Becauseeven then he was seen to be destined for higher things.

"A central focus of the Harriman security regime in Washington (1950-53)was the organization of covert operations and 'psychological warfare.' Harriman,together with his lawyers and business partners, Allen and John Foster Dulles,wanted the government's secret services to conduct extensive propaganda campaignsand mass-psychology experiments within the U.S.A., and paramilitary campaignsabroad....

"This war is not for territory or gain or glory, but that Armageddon which was prophesied of old.

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In the present century,the Devil has brought about two world wars and a score of minor ones, bybemusing the minds of statesmen, and about the best interests of their peoples;so it seems to me that he has surpassed himself.''Am I right, Señor, in thinking you have formed the idea that theseparties given by Glasshill are some form of Sabbat'?'Suddenly it struck Richard that, should that prove the case, it would bejust as well to keep McTavish in ignorance of the fact.

The Battle was still far from being over, but they had done the thing which they had set out to do.

The conquest of Iraq by seizing command of the skies and seas, surroundingher and outgunning this lumbering warship of a country with broadsides representsthe capture of a trophy ship by a buccaneer.

That he survived as long as he did could surely be termed the 'luckof the Devil'.

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And others, while agreeingthe Templars most probably did make a couple of trans-Atlantic crossingsprior to Columbus famed journey of 1492, the La Rochelle fleet more likelyfound a sage haven in Scotland(2) as the nation and its King, Robert theBruce, were excommunicated by Rome at the time and therefore somewhat beyondthe reach of Papal Bulls and Edicts.

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Going out on a limb, firstly the wearing of apatch - being one-eyed is of major significance when we recall Odin/Wotan,the chief of the Gods of the Norse, Tuetonic peoples, and Horus, the Hawk-headedson of the resurrected Osiris, who ‘sets things to right’, areboth one-eyed - or at the least have lost an eye; Odin sacrificing an eyefor wisdom, while the eye of Horus was lost battling Set (cosmic destructiveenergies).

Also known as: The Devil’s Cross; A Cruz do Diabo; Cross of the Devil

The Skull and the two human thigh bones crossed are in some instancesascribed the astrological rulership of the first zodiacal sign Aries andthe 9 th sign Sagittarius(17), both positive, Fire signs, the former cardinal- more dominant, while the latter is mutable - passive.

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This death and re-birth is carved intothe very fabric of the great medieval cathedrals; Capricorn - death - situatedat the portal/doorway, running up the nave through the zodiac to a Cancerianre-birth at the altar(20).

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And thoughnot complete bull-shit, being the effect would have been existent in thoseon the receiving end of the banner bearing the Skull and Crossbones, thereis a whole lot more to the origin, use and meanings of the symbol; such asimple explanation doesn’t suffice.