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Can anybody please explain me, in brief, the difference between Communists and Anarchists?

What's the difference between Communism and Democracy

No doubt there are advantages and disadvantages of democracy, which have played a role in the success of this form of government.

☭ Communism Vs.

There is democracy, communism, monarchy, dictator governments, military governments, etc.

Difference between Communism and Democracy

Before we turn towards the debate, it is important that we understand what is democracy and communism, so that we can understand the difference between communism and democracy better.

☭ Communism

When Karl Marx propagated the theory of communism, he aimed for a classless and stateless, egalitarian society structure.

As you can see, Communist and Democratic forms of government are very contrary to each other.

Here I see no difference between "Communism" and "Anarchism". It does not even need to ponder if all of the people on the planet can do one thing today and another tomorrow, to hunt in the morning, to fish in the afternoon, rear cattle in the evening,criticize after dinner, as Marx says. Who makes the arrows for hunting for "them" ( whoever they are ) to play it? Who makes the hut or house to "criticize after dinner" for them? Here, we see the division of labor is inevitable. So I think many people tend to connect Communism with Marx, Engels,I can not agree on it, he did not mention crystal clearly what "Communism" would be.

Depending on the state democracy is practiced in, there may be rights given to the citizens to demand changes as well.From the communism vs.

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Most widely first heard of through Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto, communism hasn’t been around nearly as long as democracy, which is first known to have existed in the city-states of ancient Greece and Rome.

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The supporters of democracy claim it to be a better form of government, while according to the supporters of communism, it is a better as opposed to democracy.

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In most attempts, past and present, has failed economically, whereas democracies have a commendable success rate.

Communism is most widely taken up by Third World countries striving for national independence and sudden social change (Russia, Cuba, and Northern Korea).

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However, with the collapse of the communist governments in different parts of the world, people have come to believe that democracy form of life better suits people and containing people on all walks of life does not really prove to be useful.