Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Defined by Rebecca Berlin

. [From the second:] Examples of sexual harassment include, but are not limited to .
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How Sexual Harassment Silences Black Women in the Workplace

17, 21-22 (1993) (barring harassment based on race, religion, sex, or national origin). I discuss here only hostile environment harassment; I don't purport to deal with quid pro quo sexual harassment, in which a supervisor demands sex in exchange for favorable treatment.

1990) (employer has "legal duty to eliminate sexual harassment in the workplace"); Munn v.
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Mechanism To Prevent Sexual Harassment At Workplace.

Correction Law § 752 (generally banning discrimination based on having "previously been convicted of one or more criminal offenses"); (asserting that New York City human rights law bars harassment based on, among other things, "record of conviction or arrest"); City of Boston Code §§ 12-9.2, 12-9.3 (barringdiscrimination in "terms, conditions, or privileges of employment" based on "ex-offender status," defined as an arrest record, a record of conviction for petty misdemeanors, or a record of conviction for any misdemeanor when the sentence had elapsed over 5 years earlier); State of Wisconsin Dep't of Workforce Development, (including "arrest or conviction record" in prohibited bases of harassment, alongside race, sex, and so on); Chippewa Valley Technical College, (same); n.3 (treating status as "ex-offender" as equivalent to race, sex, and so on); (same); (same).

1992) (employer has
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1996, at 20 ("The three primary components of an effective prevention program to create a working environment free from sexual harassment are: 1) a clear antiharassment policy of zero tolerance .

or veteran status
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But that’s not the whole story. I rushed to correct the secretary partly because I worried that she might tell others that I’d been victimized and also that victims do not fare well in our society. I aspire to become a leader in academic medicine. Being cast as a victim would tarnish my narrative. Who cares if research suggests that women are more vulnerable to harassment both when they’re perceived as weak and when they’re so strong that they challenge traditional hierarchies? Having come of age in the era of Anita Hill’s testimony against Clarence Thomas during his confirmation hearings for the Supreme Court, I know that women who report sexual harassment experience marginalization, retaliation, stigmatization, and worse. Even in the #MeToo era, reporting such behavior is far from straightforward.

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Ohio Dep't of Youth Services, for instance, upheld a $125,000 damages award based in part on a coworker's playing "misogynistic rap music" and displaying "music videos depict[ing] an array of sexually provocative conduct." The injunction in another case barred the possession or display of any "sexually suggestive, sexually demeaning, or pornographic" materials in the workplace, defining "sexually suggestive" as covering anything that "depicts a person of either sex who is not fully clothed .

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But standing up to harassment is clearly hard. In one case, a talented physician researcher had engaged in a witnessed act of unwanted sexual contact with a trainee. Yet two department chairs in his field independently told me they were trying to recruit the transgressor, who was considered a hot prospect, even as sexual misconduct proceedings were under way at his home institution. “It was just a mistake; we need to forgive and forget,” said one. “I have both sons and daughters, so I can see both sides,” said the other. Both worried about fallout if the behavior were to recur, but neither wanted to forgo the opportunity to steal away a superstar. These discussions highlighted how easy it can be to turn a blind eye to offenses by luminaries like Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey. And yet it remains unacceptable.

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Reporters often ask me whether medicine is any different in this way from other fields. Some expect it to be better, given the compassion and altruistic impulses that lead people to pursue medicine. Others expect it to be worse, given the history of male domination and a hierarchical structure with strong power differentials, factors correlated with the incidence of workplace sexual harassment. Added to the mix are frequent “field experiences,” with easy access to beds and late-night work when hallways are emptier and inhibitions may be lowered. My intuition is that the problem is at least as bad in medicine as elsewhere, especially if one adds harassment by patients to that by colleagues and superiors. And the data show that the problem for female physicians is certainly bad enough that the profession must work together to correct it.