The Apocalypse for Grown-Ups: Great Dystopian Novels …

The Apocalypse for Grown-Ups: Great Dystopian Novels for Adults by Devon Corneal
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Author of dystopian novel compares Trump to story's …

In defending by the White House press secretary, Sean Spicer, that Mr. Trump had attracted the “largest audience ever to witness an inauguration,” Ms. Conway used a turn of phrase that struck some observers as similar to the dystopian world of “1984.”

However, Margaret Atwood depicts the United States as a dystopian society in her novel The Handmaid’s Tale.
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The Evolution Of Dystopian Literature In 9 Books | HuffPost

In most dystopian fiction, a corrupt government creates or sustains the poor quality of life, often conditioning the masses to believe the society is proper and just, even perfect....

Even today there are places in the world where there is startling similarity to this fictitious dystopia....
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A dystopia is a fictional society, usually existing in a future time period, in which the condition of life is extremely difficult due to deprivation, oppression or terror.

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