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It is not just the couples that are affected by divorce but everyone around them as well.

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In a nutshell, mediation is a process where a trained and neutral person, without deciding issues or imposing a solution, helps two parties reach a mutually agreeable resolution of their issues. Mediation is NOT appropriate for everyone or in every situation. In my experience, most people seek mediation to try to save money on lawyers and avoid court hearings. Make sure you know that: 1) a mediated settlement agreement affects and can severely limit your legal rights, 2) a mediator does not necessarily provide legal advice, 3) you must have the opportunity to consult with a lawyer at any time and you should be encouraged to do so, and 4) you should have the draft mediated settlement agreement reviewed by a Virginia divorce and family lawyer BEFORE YOU SIGN. If you and your spouse wish to mediate with Mr. Robinson, click here for the

Divorce is tough for everyone involved, including kids. Find out more in this article.

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It is important to know that everyone’s responses to grief can vary greatly. Some people may react with anger, some with tears, and others may withdraw and become non-responsive. Some may seem totally unaffected. For those on the autism spectrum, there could be a variety of emotional, cognitive, behavioral, and physical reactions to grief as well. Respecting the different responses to
grief is important. All reactions should be seen as valid. An individual with ASD may respond to divorce or a death situation very similarly to other family members. Their reaction might also be delayed and/or more intense than expected. They might react with very practical questions and concerns as they search for ways to make life predictable again. Some of the possible emotional, cognitive, behavioral, and physical reactions are shared below.

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The goal of our parenting class (Kids-In-A-Break) is to help parents understand how divorce affects children, how to talk to their kids about divorce, how to communicate feelings and much more. The effects of divorce are life-changing and lifelong for everyone involved.