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Neither a Borrower Nor a Lender Be – Thrifty homeschoolers know to ignore this adage. If you have an e-reader, you can borrow and lend titles for free and it’s totally legal. Check out . Finally, don’t overlook your public library. Many libraries now offer e-books for loan to members.

Beginning home schooling is easy with my step by hope foundation step guide! 9-12-2011 · Personally, I'm pretty against it. do you think home schooling is

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She is the mother of nine homeschooled children, two of them National Merit Scholarship finalists.This article is based on an article by the same name originally published in (May/June 2003).Was this article helpful to you?
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If you've got it all together, don't bother reading. Homeschooling for the rest of us: the stressed, harried, emotional, and disorganized .

Then you're in the right place!The short answer: yes, it is, as long as you're a committed and involved parent with normal intelligence and no history of serious mental illness!You don't need an impressive educational background or lots of money to succeed at homeschooling.

What do you think about home schooling? Does it work? Find answers now! No. 1 Questions & Answers Place.

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I am writing this essay in the hope of answering two questions that you might have for anyone who studies at home: why do I homeschool and how do I do it.

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Thanks, Claire. That just made my day. There are lots of great resources for parents homeschooling / unschooling highly active, spirited children. You might like this article by Laura Grace Weldon, author of Free Range Learning: This article is from a slightly more mainstream perspective, but it has a lot of good practical suggestions. Check out as well. If you just get online you can find a ton of support and ideas. And don’t worry too much! Enjoy!

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4. I think you inadvertently underline my point when you say that “for children from the backgrounds described above without direct instruction (and even with direct, proficient instruction) it just does not happen.” In other words, children living in poverty wind up with very low literacy rates, whether they receive direct instruction or not. And children from privileged homes wind up with very high literacy rates, whether they receive direct instruction or not. In other words, the crucial factor here is poverty, not phonics.

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Young people are far less concerned about external terrorist attacks on their schools and communities than they are about the bully terrorizing them and their classmates in the hallways and classrooms of their schools.Less Exposure to Alcohol and Drugs. Most kids don't get their drugs at home.

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At the same time, an interesting side effect of the US push for teachers to be held accountable for the test results of students is that teachers are finally beginning to admit that education is not, in fact, a cure for poverty. For years educators have promoted the idea that more money for schools is the best solution to the problems facing poor children. But if you actually hold teachers accountable for low test scores in poor neighborhoods, they suddenly admit that there is really no good way to teach children who are hungry, stressed, and exhausted, who don’t have books and computers at home, and who in many cases have to work or take care of younger siblings while parents are away at their three jobs. It is a gross injustice to blame teachers for low test scores under these circumstances, but it is a much greater injustice to blame students for them, and to create a situation where disadvantaged students are now further disadvantaged by their low scores.