"There was no way I thought it would go belly up," said Maddox, 78.

Enron is also preparing for large-scale layoffs, primarily in Houston, where it employs 7,500.
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Reliable. Resourceful. Respected.

Watkins, who has been on the speaking circuit since the collapse, said she tried to stop talking about Enron, thinking no one was interested anymore.

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Theranos blood-testing machines.

Outside lawyers have said that a judge would be likely to take a hard look at a recent case involving Tyson Foods and IBP, a beef producer. A judge in Delaware ordered Tyson to complete its buyout of IBP after their proposed combination collapsed. Tyson, like Dynegy, had argued that it was not fully informed about IBP's financial problems when it negotiated to acquire the company.

"I can't hate them for sure. I believe in forgiveness, but I'm still mad at them," Maddox said.
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Cramer generously began the interview by asking Holmes what hadhappened. Holmes, who talks slowly and deliberately, and blinks withalarming irregularity, replied with a variation of a line from Jobs.“This is what happens when you work to change things,” she said, herlong blond hair tousled, her smile amplified by red lipstick. “Firstthey think you’re crazy, then they fight you, and then, all of a sudden,you change the world.” When Cramer asked Holmes for a tersetrue-or-false answer about an accusation in the article, she repliedwith a meandering 198-word retort.

"I don't look back and wish Enron was still here," he said. "There is a way of life after Enron."
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The Rise and Fall of Enron - Journal of Accountancy

Dynegy has said part of the reason it backed out was Enron's disclosure of debts in a securities filing on Nov. 19 that revealed information far different from what Dynegy had known. This included a $690 million debt that suddenly became due the end of November because of a credit rating downgrade three days after the merger.

Enron Wasn’t Just Enron | Wall Street Club

''Thus, by creating instability for Enron,'' Enron said, ''Dynegy seized on the opportunity to grab a substantial portion of the enormous market share of Enron as the company was incapacitated.''

Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room | Kevin of Reno

Ten years after what was the biggest bankruptcy in U.S. history at the time, Maddox and other former workers of the Houston-based company remain angry about the scheming and deceit that led to its spectacular downfall. But most have tried to move on as best they can.


But in its lawsuit, Enron disputed that it had misrepresented its finances, that Dynegy knew about the $690 million before the merger agreement was signed and that the accelerated payment of the debt was set off only after that date.

Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room 2005 - …

HOUSTON (AP) — Former Enron Corp. employee George Maddox, who lost his retirement savings when the energy giant collapsed, says he has been forced to spend his golden years making ends meet by mowing pastures and living in a run-down East Texas farmhouse.

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Eric Eden, who ran Enron's computer drafting department, started a company to manufacture his invention — an underground lawn sprinkler he eventually sold nationwide.