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So how do we help NUMB3RS? We improve the mathematics, catch potential inconsistencies, correct arithmetic on occasion, and in general answer a wide variety of questions from the writers, directors, and actors. We research and derive many of the equations and diagrams that appear in the show. We also enrich the show with modern topics in math and science, including some so current that they may have first appeared in research literature as little as a few weeks earlier. Finally, we provide the NUMB3RS props department with T-shirts, posters, and books for the show. In fact, past episodes of the show have sported , Stephen Wolfram’s , Michael Trott’s , and my own . The keen-eyed viewer may also have noticed the Mathematica-generated in one episode and a donned by the arch-villain in another.

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Nevertheless, that’s exactly what they are likely to find on the CBS Paramount television crime drama , which airs at 10pm U.S. Eastern on Fridays–and which last week completed its third season on air. NUMB3RS has received widespread acclaim not only from television viewers (who have made it Friday night’s most popular show for three seasons running), but also from mathematicians and professional societies (who hail its positive portrayal of scientists and their use of science and in particular mathematics for the public good).

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Fifty-three-year-old Beth Craddock (Julie Walters) is a successful television actress who still believes in Mr Right, despite a number of failed marriages behind her. When her husband of 16 years leaves her for another woman, she finds comfort in the arms of her 22-year-old co-star Jerome (Paul Nicholls). They fall passionately in love, but behind the smiles the pressures of their age difference are never far away.

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