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Theodore Dreiser's Sister Carrie; a study guide

I imagine that Dreiser, a monumental egotist, would have liked this tribute, as I imagine he would have liked the movie version of Sister Carrie made by William Wyler in 1952. If you ever have a chance to see Wyler’s film, grab it. You will see Eddie Albert give the performance of his life as Drouet. You will see Jennifer Jones as Carrie. And you will see a Hurstwood you will never forget, played by, of all people, Laurence Olivier! Like Sister Carrie itself, Olivier’s performance as Hurstwood is a treasure that ought to be rediscovered.

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The family was miserably poor. One of Dreiser’s sisters, the model for Sister Carrie, eloped with an older man who financed their flight by stealing money from his employer. A brother, Paul, ran off with a minstrel troop, changed his last name to Dresser, and won a measure of scandalous fame as the composer of a song about his mistress, the madam of a brothel, “My Gal Sal.”

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The typical hero of a Horatio Alger novel, the writer John G. Caweiti has pointed out, rises not from rags to riches, but from rags to respectability. This is Hurstwood’s story before Sister Carrie begins. Dreiser shows us the American dream in reverse: from respectability to rags.

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