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Siu Fai LUI) Ms Cheryl TAM (QMH/HKU)
The role of regulatory T cells in lupus nephritis and the effect of sirolimus treatment Prof CC SZETO (PWH/CUHK)
Urinary miRNA profile as the biomarker of IgA nephropathy Mr Paul LEE (QMH/HKU)
Investigating effects of nucleoside/tide analogues used for the treatment of chronic hepatitis B infection on renal tubular epithelial cells Dr Ping-kwan CHAN (AHNH)
Clinical trial on antibiotic lock in Tenckhoff catheter for relapsing and repeat peritonitis Dr Desmond YH YAP (QMH/HKU)
Lymphocyte subsets abnormalities – the role on relapse and the effect of immunosuppressive treatments in minimal change nephropathy Certificates will be presented on stage today and Congratulations to them all! Chinese Medical Association: co-organized with the Hong Kong Medical Association a Nephrology symposium branded as the Beijing/Hong Kong Medical Exchange in which Dr CP HO chaired the planning task force.

This question has been debated for decades. During that time some 2,500 books and articles have been written on the effects of TV and film violence on human behavior.


Although divorce is common in today’s society, it is not always accepted or looked at in a positive way, and because of the way society looks at divorce, there have been many effects.

The social aspects of television are influences this medium has had on society since its inception

. First of all his goal is provide a net and in this net all of the people from the different regions of the world can reach this network. In October 1962 Licklider starts to develop his idea about the connection between nets and in the year of 1965 two man whose name is Lawrence Roberts and Thomas Merrill can succeed in to make connection between each other thanks to the development of Licklider. As a result, we can say that we can base today’s internet and social networks to these developments shortly. After that time, the internet already starts to develop rapidly and lots of people still working in order to develop and make internet more rapid in the world. When we look at the our main topic, social networks, we can see that at the beginning of the 1990s there have been lots of programs and internet sites for people in order to chat and make sharing, but with the development of the popular social networks such as Facebook and Twitter the websites such as them spread too much. In these social network sites people can share their photographs, songs, videos, news and lots of their life events. By sharing them they are going be social with their friends or people can set an event such as meeting or travelling, and when we look at the samples of the activities that are prepared via social networks we can find lots of events in world history. Social networks are such a powerful effect and they can accessible for millions of people that in last years we see the great public rebellions in different regions of the world. For example; in order to demolish their government and politic leaders, people are collected via social networks. We can count lots of effects of social networks such as this example.

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