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Hackers Congress Paralelní Polis 2017

I picture XKCD passwords being integrated into account signup and and profile management screens, as opposed to something the user is supposed to do himself, manually on the side (where he's prone to make an error). My ideal UI would simply show the user the suggested password with two buttons: [USE THIS ONE] and [PICK ANOTHER]. Pick another would only generate 2 other random passwords (for 3 total) before cycling back around to the first suggestion.

DEF CON® 22 Hacking Conference - Speakers

Agile Innovation - Bain & Company

The North Korea attribution is backed by many organizations at this point (including CrowdStrike, McAfee/Intel Security, FireEye/Mandiant, and others). That FBI Director Comey was willing to expose that the hackers made a mistake which exposed an IP known to be associated with North Korean hackers suggests that this was not the only method used to make the attribution, since that exposure means the attackers will be careful not to do that again in the future. My inference is that the attribution is supported not just by technical indicators (like the similarity to methods used in prior attacks) but by human intelligence as well (Google "Bureau 121" and "Chilbosan Hotel hackers" and read Steve Sin's report, for example).

Here you can find all of the fantastic talks and speakers to be presented at DEF CON 22!

Drug-producing countries tend to stress that consuming nations areequally responsible in the international war on drug trafficking.‘Without demand, there is no supply’ is their inmultilateral anti-drug forums. As opposed to controlling supply, theidea is that it is up to consuming nations to reduce demand as theirshare of the job in the battle against narcotics. Strategies forcutting demand do not address the price of illegal drugs, which is atool for controlling supply, but rather go directly to managingconsumption. These measures, which have proven to be successful in somecountries of the EU, are based on prevention, therapy andharm-reduction. The goal is to warn potential consumers of the dangersof using drugs, treat addicts in a reactive fashion and reduce harmassociated with drug addiction, such as being infected with AIDS andthe worst kinds of hepatitis. These tools, long applied in Europe,include public awareness campaigns, arrangements for drug consumptionunder medical supervision, supplying addicts with clean syringes and awide variety of therapeutic approaches. But they also featurepenalisation of consumption and criminal prosecution for it, which,along with the social stigma associated with drug use, has a strongdissuasive and preventive effect. At the same time, the incarcerationof consumers and small-time dealers, who are often drug addictsthemselves, are ways to control demand. It is hard for addicts toconsume drugs in jail. Statistically speaking,incarceration of drug consumers reduces demand for narcotics.

XSS Filter Evasion Cheat Sheet - OWASP