Press Release: Effects of Burmese pythons in the Everglades

This paper will discuss some documented disturbances and their effects on the Everglades ecosystem.

A Survey of The Effects of Fire in Everglades National Park

Agriculture in the South Florida region plays a dominant role in any water management decisions involving the Kissimmee - Okeechobee - Everglades watershed.

Results:OverviewThe Florida Everglades are one of the most unique wetland areas in North America.

The South Florida Everglades Restoration Project

Many plants and animals are indigenous only to the Everglades wetland region, so any changes in the ecosystem threaten the survival of the entire species.

It is emphasized that present knowledge of the vegetation of Everglades National Park is incomplete and that these gaps hinder understanding of the effects of fire upon the plant cover.

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Hurricane Andrew originated in the North Atlantic Ocean,moved westward over the Bahamas, and made landfall near the southern tip of Florida on the morning of August 24. After passing over the Florida Everglades, the storm proceeded in a northwesterly direction across the Gulf of Mexico and made landfall in south-central Louisiana at Point Chevreuil on the morning of August 26. Andrew deteriorated rapidly after landfall in Louisiana and was downgraded to a tropical depression on August 27. The remnants of Andrew proceeded on a northeasterly path, producing severe weather throughout the Southeastern States (Rappaport, 1992).

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Examination of these data indicate that the Lake Okeechobee-Everglades system is no longer an effective drainage unit, and that water levels and fire danger in Everglades National Park now depend entirely on rainfall south of the Tamiami Trail.

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Much more information on the ecology of the many species of sedges and grasses which comprise the Everglades vegetation is needed before fire effects on stand composition can be satisfactorily studied.

Effects of Hurricane Andrew (1992) on Wetlands - Water

congress authorized the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan in 2000, allocating $7.8 million to try to keep pace with the slowly disappearing Everglades.

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2, 3), (Knight, 2000).Sawgrass Loss The main freshwater slough of the Everglades was a broad, shallow river supporting a diversity of plant communities, habitats and wildlife between Lake Ocheechobee and the Gulf Coast.

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in most places across the U.S., a ten-year-old alligator can easily be six feet long. But not in the Everglades-- where they only reach four or five feet. Additionally, gators caught in the Everglades are weighing about 80% of what they should. Researchers believe the decline in gator size is linked to a 2001 drought.