The Minoans built the foundation of Greece.

 The  contributed one of the greatest things any ancient society could give.
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In ancient Greece, the traditional roles were clear-cut and defined.

If we take the syllogism as a metaphor for Greek rationality, then "the Orient" (East, Middle East, Egypt) provided the Greeks with the essential part, namely the inductive "minor".

(1) Every A is a B : major : universal rule ;
(2) C is an A : minor : inductive statement of fact, (so) :
(3) C is B : necessary conclusion.

With a considerable amount of inductive statements on record, the Greeks might have reasoned :

(1) A' is a B ;
(2) A'' is a B ;
(3) A"' is B etc ...
so = an unlogical, inductive jump from the particular to the universal :
(2) Every A is B : inductive conclusion.

At the end of the Archaic Age, the Greeks brought three fundamental new co-relative elements into play, namely :

Composed salads assembled with layers of ingredients were enjoyed in the18th century.
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Examining Ancient Greek Theater Architecture

Likewise, the Archaic Greeks, recovering their cultural unity after centuries of decay, opened the doors to the East to educate and emancipate themselves.

Some of the greatest philosophers came from Greece, Socrates, Plato and Aristotle.
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Mass immigration happened : Greeks, Macedonians, Thracians, Jews, Arabs, Mysians and Syrians settled in Egypt, attracted by the prospect of employment, land and economic opportunity.

This was chosen because in ancient times, salt was often an ingredient in the dressing.
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Memphite thought and the birth of Greek Philosophy.

To the greens in thesalad bowl--a mixture of them is always nice--you may add rosy red radishes, whole or in slices; crisp cucumber, thinly sliced;tender young scallions; asparagus, cooked, chilled and cut in suitable pieces; thin green pepper rings; crisp celery; ripe, green or stuffed olives; or tomatoes, cubed or sliced.

Surely the iceberg stands supreme as the blandest of all greens.

His company puts canned pineapple in everygrocery store in the country and makes the name "Hawaiian" almost synonymous with"pineapple."
Molded salads combining all sorts of ingredients (especially mini-marshmallows) were allthe rage in the 1920s.

However, they evidence the linear and geometric spirit of the Greeks.

In this way, Hellenism would conquer the knownworld and establish Greek identity far beyond the borders of Greece.

The linearization brought by them, culminated in the Ptolemaic Empire, whichguaranteed the survival of the Egyptian heritage at the turn of the millenium.

It is the firm, tight, compace head of light-green leaves.

They considered tossed plates of mixed greens "messy" and eschewed them in favor of "orderly presentations." Salad ingredients were painstakingly separated, organized, and "glued together" with mayonnaise or gelatin.

The reference is no doubtto the great solidity of the edifice.

At the end of theArchaic Age, Egypt's influence had already diminished, for as soon as the Greeksrealized a "universal", they returned it to its ante-rational sourceand subsequently altered it.