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Free from the cage, you enter the main space for the game, and it diverges into a very non-linear game. The room looks great, and there are plenty of puzzles to keep even large teams busy. In our case that meant splitting up and trying to cover as much ground as possible. The eponymous, literal, dollhouse offers a centrepiece for the room, and also a decent way at tracking how far in to the game you are, as you try to get the doors to each room open.

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The Dollhouse at it’s core is a horror themed escape room. Although it doesn’t contain live actors, it does contain certain items that may be disturbing to some individuals.

The Dollhouse is the first game to open at The Panic Room’s new location, though said location is just a two minute walk from their initial location. There’s a decent enough waiting room with seats, games, puzzles and so on, but it wasn’t needed as we were all set to go. There’s a generic video introduction that covers the rules for all the games (and yes, you only have to watch it once if you’re booked in for multiple games!) followed by a briefing on the specific game from the host.