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Side effects from ETS surgery - Hyperhidrosis

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Sep 15, 2012 · ETS Physics Problems - GRE Practicing to take the Physics. Post by problems » Tue Feb 19, 2008 6:51 pm . Note: The following site has all the ETS problems and solutions:

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Some surgeons are now warning that if you are an athlete, ETS might reduce your peak performance due to this side effect, but other surgeons say that ETS has no effect on your maximum heart rate. For me, a slightly lower heart rate does not seem to have made any difference in athletic ability. My resting heart rate is never lower than 60 beats per minute, which is the cutoff point for bradycardia. Usually, problems can only arise if your heart rate falls below 50 beats per minute. Also, some surgeons have suggested that a slightly lower heart rate is good for you in the long run. Interestingly, many excellent athletes such as cyclists Lance Armstrong and Miguel Indurain have an excessively low resting heart rate of around 30 beats per minute. For most adults, resting heart rates fall between 60 and 80 beats per minute.

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After ETS, some patients (typically less than five percent in the case of ETS for palmar sweating according to most surgeons) experience a recurrence of their original symptoms. This recurrence is usually most common with regards to ETS for facial blushing, for Raynaud's Syndrome and for other such non-hyperhidrosis related problems. In my own case, I had some right had sweating return a year or so after ETS while the left hand has always remained extremely dry. During intense exercise, my right hand can get very sweaty at times. It is unclear to the surgeons why this recurrence occurs, and some claim that there is no way a destroyed ganglion can regenerate, so the sweat signals must be transmitting via other pathways. Many patients need to get re-operated upon if the recurrence is significant. I am not sure how the re-operation works if the destroyed ganglion has not regenerated and hope to hear from someone with this knowledge. Does the surgeon destroy other ganglions besides the dead T-2 (or T-3 in newer procedures) in the event of recurrence? What happens to surrounding scar tissue from the initial operation?

Information about the ETS Proficiency Profile optional essay, including what it measures, how it’s scored and what scores mean.

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Problems that can occur during surgery include pneumothorax, intercostal neuralgia and even death on very rare occasions (it seems like around ten deaths have occurred in Western countries as a result of ETS surgeries). Pneumothorax is some level of lung collapse after the operation. Intercostal Neuralgia is local pain in the chest wall area. Persistent or severe pain is unusual.

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If you have read all the above, but have already had hyperhidrosis surgery, I hope I have not made you become a hypochondriac who starts imagining that every possible physical problem you have is due to sympathetic nervous system destruction. Some medical problems and negative changes to your body could be part of aging or part of your genetic destiny. There are several sites out there that blame ETS surgery for every possible medical condition on earth, and these sites are even more damaging than the surgeons' sites that make it sound like ETS is an easy and obvious answer to your sweating problems.

ETS Physics Problems - GRE Practicing to take the Physics

ETS had already postponed the first administration of the revised GRE by a year in an attempt to buy time to upgrade its IBT network to ensure test-taker access (see ).The decision leaves in place an exam which has many well-documented biases, weak predictive validity, and other flaws.

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ETS leads to compensatory sweating (a better term is reflex sweating per Dr. Chien-Chi Lin) in almost 100 percent of patients according to some surgeons. In the past, most surgeons usually estimated a figure of around 40-60 percent, but this figure has steadily increased as more and more patients have started getting compensatory hyperhidrosis a year or two after surgery and the surgeons have realized that the problem does not necessarily start the day after the surgery (especially if the surgery is performed in winter and a patient is thus unable to experience compensatory sweating at its worst immediately).

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Over the past decade, ETS has repeatedly tried to rush computerized exams into the marketplace before they were ready for "prime time." Among previous problems: - More than 2,100 GMAT test-takers saw a "fatal error" warning pop up on their computer screens when they completed the GMAT and asked for score results in the summer and fall of 2001.