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The cultural values of a country influence its national psychology and identity

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Generation Identity does not provide a platform for any kind of national-socialist or fascist groups or views. We stay out of conflicts outside of Europe.

In return the population gains a sense of identity and commonality with other members of the nation, or nations.

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Kedourie (1994: 49-50), for example, defines patriotism as simply "affection for one's country," while nationalism adds "xenophobia" (hatred of foreigners), creating an "us versus them" mentality.

For example, Taylor (1999: 228-29) argues that nationalism is associated with an "ethnic, linguistic, cultural or religious identity," while patriotism is "a strong sense of identity with the polity." Grosby (2005: 16-7) similarly argues that patriotism is simply "loyalty to a territorial community," while nationalism highlights one's nation relative to all other nations, creating "warring camps" and a "repudiation to civility and tolerance for difference."