For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction

These two forces are called action and reaction forces and are the subject of Newton's third law ..
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Every Action Has A Reaction. – Saved for His Grace

The universal law of karma is also explained in the holy Bible which we know by the statement: "".

It says, that whatever you sow, so also shall you reap [the fruits of action]. It also says that you only reap as a result of having sown in previous periods. That what you are reaping today in your life, is a result of what you have sown in the past. And what you reap in the future is a result of what you sow now. This is generally known as the law of sowing and reaping or the law of "return", which returns to us in an similar way that what we do unto others.

They have a similar reaction to Sisko's statement of
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Aug 08, 2017 · Every Action Has A Reaction

Therefore Lord Jesus Christ says: "."

The principle of Karma is that for the good actions one performs one receives good reactions, and if one inflicts pain or violence on others, one will suffer equal violence either in this life or the next.

This is also confirmed in the Bible by the statement: "". For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Or in other words, if a human being for example, unnecessary takes the life of an innocent animal he must suffer the result at some point in the future; namely he must give his own life for taking a life.

Karma is the great law of
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The bigger the push, the bigger the push back. That's why cannons and guns recoil. As the cannon ball flies on one direction, the cannon moves in the opposite direction. If we turn the cannon up on end, it gets a little closer to how a rocket works. The force that pushes the cannon ball down also pushes the cannon up. But since the cannon is bigger than the cannon ball it has more inertia acting to keep it in one place. We would need a larger force to push the cannon a great distance. If we could make a long continuous hot explosion in the cannon, instead of one quick one, we could push the cannon a far distance. The air that is heated would push out the back, pushing the cannon in the opposite direction. This is how jets work as well as how rockets get into space. Remember, because every action has an equal and opposite reaction something will go forward if it is pushing matter behind itself.

The terms 'action' and 'reaction' have the misleading suggestion of causality, ..
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