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When more people join themand tensions rise, things get out of control.

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The background of this video is that a warped writer named Vernon Chatman send some screenplays to sites offering custom-made porn, containing the most absurd, inane,retarded, bizarre, warped and strange fetish scenes he can think of, all containing nudity but no real sex.

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The manager of the place tries to keep thingsunder control as the troop goes on a rampage, destructing property and nature, throwing live chickens through windows, bullyingblind dwarves, laughing and having a wild time in general while the chickens resort to cannibalism.

woman cries while man walks in circles), children, monologues about mercy and justice, the soul, and various existentialambiguities, with surreal scenes of fire, deserts, ice, waterfalls, shepherds, naked man on horseback, etc.

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Most of the movie then wanders into something from Kafka's The Castle, only with absurd humor, as he finds himself battling with strangebureaucracy, breaking odd rules like a day of silence to conserve air, and trying to track down important people that may help him, with continuous distractionsand complications.

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The terrible 'Limit Cycle' is the most tedious, containing endless aphorisms and snippets of theology and philosophy accompanied by a random montage of trippy imageryinvolving a virtual world and historical or occult-themed images.

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'Wanwa the Doggy' is another nightmarish surreal adventure involving a baby, butit is crudely drawn and isn't mesmerizing like 'Happy Machine' from the previous installment, opting instead for a hyperkinetic frantic montage of constantly morphingscenery, people, creatures and objects in a continuous dream-logic chase scene.

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The first twenty minutes or so contain a masterpiece of surrealism as a man travels into a strange land by way of dream-logic, his car running awayfrom him, meeting a dead rabbit dressed in trousers and pocket-watch, wandering through a bizarre house where he meets himself as a child and falls down sidewaysthrough doors, etc.

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Then again, this movie tries too hard to disgust, whatwith kidney rape (don't ask), dried clitorises from Africa as candy, and of course, a huge human centipede, this time done to control a prison population by an insanewarden, and in a way that allows them to be released eventually.

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The choreographed and bizarre sexual performances continue with pencil-headed office workers, disembodied dancing body parts,and whatnot, while the plot develops and uncovers Positive posing as a Negative who is outed onto the stage much to the consternation and excitement of the audience whilethe Negatives are humiliated and teased.