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Were the Mensheviks a real alternative

You can tell how many turns until your city’s borders expand by looking in the top right of your city screen. It’ll also show you how much culture you have, how much culture per turn generated from improvements/wonders, and how much culture you need until expansion. The levels for cultural expansion are multiples of 10: it starts at 10, then 100, then 1,000, then 10,000 (you don’t get to 100,000, because you’ll win a cultural victory at 20,000).

In both era’s however the United States was able to justify its expansion through national belief....
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All the following disastrous factors have descended on the countrywithin the life-span of one generation:- Micro- and macro-climatic change (the practically continuous Saheldrought since 1967)- Diminishing and erratic rainfall and accelerating desertification(the floods and torrential rains of 1988)- Near doubling of population in less than a quarter of a century(15.4m in 1970 to 25.4m in 1990)- Displacement - both internal and external - of some six millionpeople- Doubling of livestock numbers within 20 years- Deforestation on a massive scale- Renewed civil war in the South, which is now encroaching on the westand east- Aggressive expansion of legal and illegal rainfed mechanised farming,from 0.42m ha [1m feddans] in 1967 to 7.5m ha [18m fed.] in 1989To prepare the ground for far-reaching changes in the land tenure lawsand traditional practices, the Sudanese state introduced a new land actin 1970.

He also inaugurated a long era of economic expansion, based largely on additional spending for missiles, defense, and the space race.
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More recently, the defeat and removal of Native American tribes by federal troops had opened the West to farms and ranches, speculators and corporations.

In the 1890s, several motives combined to build pressure for expansion overseas.

We had everything from seasoned volunteers to people who were just compelled to do something, anything.
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The federal government and the regional party OPDO have since halted the policy of the expansion of the planned development into Addis’s suburban areas.

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These hard working people, who have the full freedom of movement and work in any part of the country were assaulted and robbed of their homes and hard earned properties worth millions of Birr by a mob in full daylight and in the presence of the special police force, regional officials and kebele guards.

Karl Marx | Uprooted Palestinian

The crisis arose from an internal conflict in the Jewish leadershipand not as a result of external pressure. One of the importantinhabitants of Jerusalem had an argument with the High Priestregarding the management of the market. It can be assumed thatthe subject of the dispute was so marginal that the people whomade the account did not bother to describe it at all, or perhapsthey did not know what it was about. After that particular persondid not succeed in overcoming the High Priest, he applied to KingSelevcus, and informed him that tremendous treasures were foundin the Temple treasury, and it would be advisable that they beconfiscated and sent to the royal treasury. Selevcus sent a representativecalled Heliodus, who announced that he had come to pay a routinevisit.

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By the early 19th century black Methodist and Baptist congregations had become fundamental to a growing African American cultural identity.

Finally, at the western edges of this increasingly disorderly and democratic republic were Native American peoples who remained free and on their own land.

Hindu Wisdom - Hinduism's influence

In general, there was a lack of coins of half a shekel. Asa result, the treasurers collected a payment for changing largercoins into the smaller coins of half a shekel. One who gave acoin of a whole shekel and received from the treasury two coinsof half a shekel in exchange, was obligated to pay for the exchangeprocess. He paid with a small coin called a "colbon".Even in the case where two people gave a whole shekel for bothof them, they were obligated to give a "colbon" to theTemple in addition to the shekel that they gave. However, if someonegave a shekel for himself and for another person who was not obligatedby law, he was not charged an extra "colbon". If a mangave a shekel for himself and for his wife, or for himself andfor his small child, he did not have to give a "colbon"to the Temple.