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faith will inform you, that under all these mean appearances lies concealed the Lord of glory.

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All the commands for baptism lay down the condition of faith/repentance Infants and unbelievers do not meet this condition any more than bells or horses, and so are not eligible. Nearly every example in the NT shows that the one being baptized made a profession of faith. The overwhelming pattern is clear: faith must precede baptism. There are no commands nor examples of infants being baptized. Infant baptism usually is associated with baptismal regeneration. Even in churches that deny baptismal regeneration, they tend to presume that the baby is/has been/will be regenerated somehow. This is leftover baggage from Roman Catholicism. Infant baptism manufactures millions of false Christians, and sends them to Hell with false assurance.

He began his reign by a successful war against the troublesome, barbarous enemies of the state, and by planting the faith in the conquered provinces.

"The Ransom of Red Chief." O

I am trusting, my sinner friend,that by this precious blood you will find entrance into His presence tobe melted at His feet, cleansed from all your sins and iniquities and deliveredfrom the power and penalty of sin.

Isaiah desired Achaz to demand of God the immediate appearance of this divine signal, and Achaz refused under pretence of not tempting the Lord.


he Vigil of Christmas is impregnated with holy cheerfulness, and if it were not for the vestments of penance and fasting, one would imagine bit the feast had begun.

he Church joyfully awaits the twofold coming of her Redeemer, (Collect) who "saves His people from their sins" (Gospel) and who is the Shepherd of Israel (Gradual) that is the Church, of whom all are members who have faith in Jesus Christ.

Disgusted by the tumult and grandeur of Rome, he retired into Palestine, and buried himself, so to say, in solitude.

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He worked such "great wonders and signs among the people " that the Jews from five different synagogues became alarmed and summoned him before the Sanhedrin.

esus had upbraided the Jews "for having killed and stoned the Prophets" , Stephen in his turn, addressing his judges declared that in crucifying Christ they had shown themselves worthy of their fathers who put to death the messengers of God.

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For they were raised to the dignity of eternal life almost before they had entered upon a temporal one.

he precious deaths of other martyrs deserve praise because by their sufferings they testified to Christ; that of these innocents is lovely in its consummation.

Saving Faith: Its Meaning and Its Object

o when the Judge of quick and dead
Shall bid his awful summons come,
To whelm the guilty soul with dread,
And call the blessed to their home,

aved from the whirling, black abyss,
Forevermore to us be given
To share the feast of saintly bliss,
And see the face of God in heaven.

o God the Father and the Son
Our songs with one accord we raise;
And to the Holy Spirit,
One With them, be ever equal praise.

Catholic Harbor of Faith and Morals

ith terror doth the tyrant hear
The King of kings hath come to dwellWhere David's court shall widely rearA sceptered reign o'er Israel.

hen cries out, raging, at the word:
"He comes to stand where we have stood:Hence, soldier, and with ruthless swordDeluge the cradles deep with blood!"

hat profiteth a crime so dread?
What hope shall Herod's bosom sway?

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1, Part 1: The Holy Childhood from the Latin Vulgate, as Illustrated by Catholic Artist and Historian, James Tissot, 1899, for the Advent and Christmas Season

God, whose praise the martyred Innocents confessed this day, not in speech, but by their death: destroy in us the evil of all vice, that our lives may show forth in our deeds that faith in Thee which our lips express.