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I am a 33 yr old and I have never had my license. The thought of driving absolutely terrifies me. It’s not so much that I’m afraid of hurting someone or getting hurt myself, but more of a financial fear. I’m afraid of the money I would have to pay, not being able to fix the car or buy another one if needed. I know insurance is there but I still have that fear. My driving skills are not bad. I feel so ashamed that I am this old and can’t drive. It has put a burden on my family and I because we have to live in places near the bus line and I always have to ask people to drive me everywhere. I am going to try my hardest to overcome this because, due to recent events, it has become even more necessary for me to learn, but it is so hard. I just cry about it.

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Driving Fear – How to Overcome Fear of Driving A Car

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Information and advice for anyone suffering with dental phobia, fear of the dentist or specific dental fears. Features a forum, tips on how to find a sympathetic dentist, and suggestions for overcoming common fears.

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How to Overcome Fear FAST - One Easy Step

Take it step by step. It’s a wise thing to do especially if your fear of driving tends towards phobia. If you have a fear of driving over bridges, first drive over really small ones.

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How did your fear of driving start? Can you recall any particular frightful incident involving you or someone close to you? Have you heard of terrible experiences from someone?

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Hello, last year I was in an accident where our vehicle flipped over 3 times. I am now 17 years of age and I should be driving already, some days I want too but other days I can’t bring myself to even think about it without having a panic attack. What should I do?