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"Both men and women should feel free to be sensitive

Both men and women should feel free to be strong

At the end of this public lecture, Nair who is also the editor of “Power, Postcolonialism, and International Relations: Reading race, gender and class” book expressed her request that the participants of this seminar willing to explore postcolonial feminism as an alternative analysis tool in answering the contemporary global problems. [ARY]

Feminsim and Postcolonisalism

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Sheila Nair, Ph.D., the expert on politics, international relations and gender issues from Northern Arizona University on Thursday (14/9) became the speaker on “Postcolonial Theory, Postcolonial Feminism and International Relations” seminar. The event was held in cooperation of Faculty of Philosophy of Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM), Institute of International Studies (IIS) UGM, and Global Engagement Office (GEO) FISIPOL UGM. On the occasion, Nair discussed postcolonial feminism as an alternative perspective when the mainstream International Relations (IR) perspectives are dominated by gender-biased Western political thought. The public lecture was moderated by Agus Wahyudi, M.A., the lecturer at the Faculty of Philosophy.

Feminsim and Postcolonisalism.

Postcolonial feminism uses the assumptions of postcolonial theory to explore more about the hierarchical relations of the international system, not only encompasses Western countries domination of non-Western countries, but also the subordination of masculinity thought of femininity. Intersectionality or forming a common thread between various issues such as gender, sexuality, race and class become important keywords in this frame of theory. Because of that, postcolonial feminism tends to be sceptical of the “Women Unite!” movement spirit because a feminine movement should not ignore context. Nair then exemplified the use of this theory in the case of the Rana Plaza garment factory collapse in Bangladesh. Nair described the tragedy as a neglection of third world women worker’s safety by the Western capital owners, in the name of efficiency.

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