The Foreign Service Officer salary is dynamic and ever changing.

Since 1924 the foreign affairs community has relied on AFSA – the voice of the Foreign Service.

More Change for the Foreign Service

– Cole Bunzel, adjunct professor of Near Eastern Studies at Princeton University and leading academic expert on the background of the Islamic State, spoke to Arabic language students at the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center July 17.

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Medical clearance determination by Medical Services is based on its thorough review of each candidate’s medical history and a physical examination, including an individual assessment of his/her specific medical needs and the medical capabilities of Foreign Service posts to meet those needs.

Use these precepts as a guide to (1) give positive examples that demonstrate your abilities; (2) identify learning experiences; and (3) indicate how your learning experience will contribute to success in your chosen Foreign Service career track.

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foreign policy objectives depends substantially on the confidence of the public (both American and foreign) in the individuals selected to serve in the Foreign Service.

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The Department of State, therefore, requires the highest standards of conduct by employees of the Foreign Service, including an especially high degree of integrity, reliability, and prudence.

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At the end of orientation, Foreign Service Officers (FSOs) receive their first assignments, which will govern the type of specialized training that follows.

The Foreign Service Officer salary is dynamic and ever changing

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The End of the Cold War, 1981-1992

Foreign Service candidates who can document creditable veterans’ service by submitting form DD 214 or other certification will be eligible to receive additional points on the Hiring Register: 0.175 for a five-point standing and 0.35 for a 10-point standing.

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Generalist candidates, who pass the Oral Assessment, receive a link to the Career Candidate Handbook, which describes how to arrange a telephone language test conducted by the Department of State’s Foreign Service Institute (FSI).

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To receive the higher bump-up points, candidates who pass the telephone test will then need to pass an in-person, two-hour speaking and reading test conducted by the Foreign Service Institute in Arlington, Virginia.