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This module looks at the final stage of the forensic process and the presentation of evidence. The module will consider best practice in presenting evidence in visual and oral forms including mock courts. This module also aims to develop students' project planning and independent learning skills to enable them to devise a research project, drawing on the skills they have developed throughout the programme. Students can look at developing their capacity for the critical appraisal of scientific literature, to construct research aims and objectives and how to plan an appropriate programme of research for the area under investigation. Research governance will also be examined including research ethics, COSHH and risk assessments and their importance in order to safely and appropriately carry out a programme of research. Students will also have the opportunity to further develop their skills in the use of IT for presentation.

Japan has a huge national research institute of forensic science in Tokyo and several regional labs.

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In the early times of the inquiry, the search and use of physical traces provide information that is neither perfect nor complete but which can be incorporated into the corpus of other pieces of information gathered from “traditional” inquiry. How the investigation integrates these mute witnesses, is able to generate relevant hypotheses as completely as possible, and devises experimental tests are central issues to properly use the whole information. Forensic scientists cannot be excluded from this process because they know the informational potential of physical traces and how to identify specialized fields of expertise needed. While this key dimension of the role of forensic science, as a corpus of scientific methods employed to gather intelligence from physical traces, is widely applied by forensic staff and crime scene units in police forces, it is often misjudged by scientific laboratories and the research community that are framed by a paradigm oriented to court concerns. Conversely, they create distance with the investigation in order to keep independence that is supposed to promote their impartiality in the perspective of the trial process.

another development was the creation of central research establishment in Aldermaston in 1966 , wholly devoted to basic research in forensic science.

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This part of Journals is delighted to accept Research Papers, Review Articles, Short Communications, Case Reports, Mini-Reviews, Opinions, Letter to Editors etc., focused on forensic science and criminology for any future or ongoing research.

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We currently offer projects in the laboratory or field, projects that involve mathematical modelling, systematic reviews or meta-analysis of pre-collected data. Students may work individually or in groups addressing similar questions, but must write up individually. The findings of the research will be written up in the format of a scientific paper following closely the style of a key journal relevant to their area of study, or as a thesis, and will also be presented orally.