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Infusion equipment advances have made the delivery of slow-administer drugs much easier, with computerized machines able to control dosages and rates.

16.Configurable nursing environments

Configurable work spaces increases efficiency and safety, reduces stress, and prevents accidents and injuries.

17.Learning technologies

The availability of individual and off-site learning opportunities and degree programs, via specialized software and online classes, allows for more rapid career advancement.

18.Video conferencing

The ability to interact with nursing professionals throughout the world, through such means as video conferencing, offers advantages and opportunities like never before, both in terms of the further development of the nursing profession and the continued improvement in patient care outcomes.

19.The blogosphere

Medical technologies have brought changes to the process of life and death and the role of the nurse.

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Modeled on other anti-drunk driving programs such as "Shattered Lives" and "Shattered Dreams," "Forever Changed" is a two-day program designed to educate students to the reality of drinking and driving.

Following a series of drunk-driving accidents that claimed the lives of several Tarkington-area teenagers, Tarkington VFD instituted the "Forever Changed" program beginning in 2002.