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To top of page Memories of past times See me march past with the others who remember, But not with my legs do I pound the parade pathway Wheeled am I for I am old But the memories do not die as my comrades did Little Tommy Tomkins the London Cockney Sparrow Died when his head got blown off And I saw it roll towards me And I froze, and then I ran Nobbie Clark always up with the lark Died in a mortar attack There was nothing left to send home So they sent back anyone’s to keep the widow’s memories The list goes on and here am I alive When I should be with them A forgotten body in a Flanders field Yet here I am I am the record keeper of the Great War A war to end all wars they told us But on they rage like an unchained animal that has tasted human blood But not mine I ask myself why not me And then one day an answer "Keep these memories and pass them on That the young may learn and remember" So here I am being wheeled again Past the memories of a nation And I remember Tommy and Nobby Because nobody else alive does Ann-Marie Spittle 2006 To top of page To the few Heads bent solemnly in remembrance As the prayers of thanks are read Those here have walked the byways of the dead And have brought tales for the young That death may not visit them so easily Seas of faces that should be so much more Line the walkway of the monarch Who has stood with them since youth And still stands now As they do Hymns lace the air And many fly with the notes Scenes pass before their eyes for a moment Then are gone As they pull themselves forward to the now As the last post echoes through the hills Of lands that have been torn, or part of war And the tears roll out of the buglers mouth And join the tracks on the faces of the few And then silence Silent contemplation Then reveille And the remembrance that life follows death And will for all time But not all is black this day For happy times are shared Of battles fought And friends met once again Who many thought had gone long ago Songs of their time are re-enacted And Churchill lives again through the actors art And many return to those speeches And remember their resolve in those dark days Fluttering butterfly wings of banners Carried by those once arthritic Have made the final push to stand and be counted Marching to the songs of their lands Men stand to see them pass Though regiments that held their names Have gone into histories archives Then the march to end all marches As the warriors of old give it their all As if their youth had revisited them And the streets are lined with the grateful And those who came for their own reasons And the waves follow them Lapping gently at their heels Until every space is filled outside the place of Royalty And then the beast of war awakens And flies over as it did in the days of need Red petals cascade upon the watchers And a nations heart opens Filling the air And says thank you Ann-Marie Spittle 2006 To top of page Do you know?

Jul 08, 2017 · Let’s move forward with some more knowledge, education, support and introspection! Purging the negative messages out, …

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The Arabic version renders the whole thus, "I do not think that I have now obtained and received anything, but the one thing"; namely, what follows, forgetting those things which are behind, meaning not the sins of his past life, which were indeed forgotten by God, and the guilt of which was removed from him, by the application of the blood of Christ, so that he had no more conscience of them; yet they were remembered and made mention of by him, partly for his own humiliation, and partly to magnify the grace of God: nor earthly and worldly things, which believers are too apt to have respect to, to look back upon, and hanker after, as the Israelites did after the fleshpots in Egypt, ; though these were forgotten by the apostle, so as not anxiously to care for them, and seek after them, to set his affections on them, or trust in them: nor his fleshly privileges, and legal righteousness, which he pursued, valued, and trusted in before conversion, but now dropped, renounced, disregarded, and counted as loss and dung, ; but rather his labours and works of righteousness since conversion, which though he times took notice of for the magnifying of the grace of God, for the defence of the Gospel, and to put a stop to the vain boasting of false teachers, yet he forgot them in point of dependence on them, and trust to them; and having put his hand to the plough, he did not look back, nor desist, but went on in his laborious way, not thinking of what he had done and gone through, nor discouraged at what was before him; as also he intends all his growth in grace, and proficiency in divine knowledge, which was very, great; and though he was thankful for these things, and would observe them to the glory of the grace of God, yet he trusted not in them: nor did he sit down easy and satisfied with what he had attained unto, and therefore was reaching forth unto those things which are before; to perfection of knowledge, holiness, and happiness, which were before him, and he as yet had not attained unto; but was desirous of, and pursued after with great vehemence and eagerness; the metaphor is taken from runners in a race, who did not stop to look behind them, and see what way they have run, and how far they are before others, but look and move forwards, and stretch themselves out to the uttermost, and run with all their might and main to the mark before them; and so the apostle did in a spiritual sense.

Feb 09, 2017 · You cannot move forward until you realize the truth of your connection with a Narcissist and that is everything was based on one HUGE lie!

But this one thing I do--forgetting everything which is past and stretching forward to what lies in front of me,
Brothers, I don't regard myself as yet having taken hold, but one thing I do.