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Follow the Swamp Fox Murals Trail: Paxville, Summerton, Manning and Turbeville.
Artists: Master Peace Originals, The Williams Family, Sumter, SC 33° 44' 19" N 80° 21' 28" W

Marion designated "Swamp Fox" by Tarleton at Ox Swamp  Swamp Fox Mural Trail - Manning, SC

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The British officer returned to Charlestown and refused to fight against an enemy ( the Patriots) as dedicated as Francis Marion, "who ate roots cooked in a fire and drank nothing but water from the swamp."
Thereare about 12 different paintings that depict this event.

At Mount Hope Swamp Watson met severe harassment from the Swamp Fox and his men. He again met stiff resistance at the Lower Bridge over the Black River and was unable to cross the river to reach Kingstree.

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By 1780, Marion was promoted to Lt. Colonel Francis Marion, Commandment of the Second Regiment. Due to a broken ankle, he left Charleston shortly before it fell into the hands of the British (Palmer, 12-13). Back home near the Santee River, Marion led a small militia made up mostly of farmers. There they would hide in the swamps of the Peedee during the day, surprise attack the British as they traveled between Charleston and Camden which were both conquered by the British, and retreated back to the swamps. The terrain of the swamps was unfamiliar to the British troops, thus giving Marion and his men an advantage. As Marion’s brigade attacked, they would steal goods and arms from the British and free American prisoners. It was at this time that British general Tarleton, is credited for giving Marion his nickname, Swamp Fox (Heider, 11). After chasing Marion and his men for some twenty-six miles and arriving at Ox Swamp, he stopped and said “Come boys! Let’s go back and we will catch the Gamecock. But as for this d—d swamp fox, the Devil himself could not catch him!” (Heider, 11).

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As a key figure in the American Revolution, General Francis Marion, best known as the “Swamp Fox,” surprise attacked the British forces in South Carolina, destroying communication and supply lines. Born in 1732 at Goatfield Plantation in St. John’s Parish, Berkley, he grew up in the swampland of South Carolina (Palmer, 6). This knowledge of the land would become a great benefit to him as the leader of a militia who hid in the swamps and lived off of the land.

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Marion County was established in 1844 and named for General Francis Marion who was nicknamed the Swamp Fox of the Revolutionary War. In Marion County you'll find Silver Springs, Ocala National Forest, rolling green fields of horse farms, and historic districts with 100-year old canopy trees.

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In 1781, Governor Rutledge promoted Francis Marion to Brigadier General. Nathanael Green had replaced Horatio Gates as commander of the forces in the south. Greene sent Light Horse Harry Lee and his cavalry to help Marion. The two men captured Fort Watson (Palmer, 32)