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Not only that, but Freud's work in The Interpretation of Dreams is totally cultured and totally literary. In fact, he often draws on literature when he wants to support his theories with some tangible evidence (). In his view, literary texts are peepholes into the deepest undercurrents of human nature.

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For we old English speakers, The Interpretation of Dreams has been available since 1913. After three English-language editions, James Strachey's new translation in The Standard Edition became the go-to version for generations of academics, psychoanalysts, and other curious readers. Just Joyce Crick, a more recent translator of the book, has this to say about it: "Nothing can replace Strachey's The Interpretation of Dreams, just as nothing will replaced the Authorized Version" ().

So, where does all of this leave you? After all, 600+ pages of dense psychoanalytic theory is a lot to ask of any reader—even one who wants to know a little something about the unconscious anxieties and wishes that shape our strange and inexplicable dreams. If you tackle The Interpretation of Dreams, what are you gonna get in return?

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Don't just take it from us: Freud himself considered The Interpretation of Dreams to be the most impressive achievement of his career. He even claimed in his preface to the third English-language edition that "[i]nsight such as this falls to one's lot but once in a lifetime" ().

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At 600+ pages, The Interpretation of Dreams might seem like a snoozeapalooza, especially seeing as how most anthologies choose just three or four short excerpts from it to get Freud's point across. But fear not, intrepid dreamers: this psychoanalytical tour de force may be heavier than your average Subaru, but Dr. Freud's determination to plumb the depths of human consciousness is sure to keep you reading.

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Freud believes that we can chipthrough the dream's manifest content to reveal the underlying significance andits latent by utilizing the technique of "free

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When it comes to Freud's longstanding legacy in popular and academic cultures, resistance may not be futile, but all-out avoidance is probably impossible. So, whether you're looking to meet your hero or know your enemy, The Interpretation of Dreams is a good place to get acquainted with the man who rocked turn-of-the-century psychology—and who made a lasting impression on the way people talk about human consciousness today.