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OVERALL ANALYSIS CHARACTER ANALYSIS Gabriel Conroy Gabriel is "a stout tallish young man" with "a high color" and "a hairless face"-"the bright gilt rims of his glasses...screened his delicate and restless eyes." He is rather precise and dandyish and leads a contented and pleasant life as a teacher at a college in Dublin.

Gretta is one character in the story that encourages self examination of relationships both past and present.

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However, in encountering the other person in this manner—notas another person but as a case or example of certain functions, rolesor characteristics—I myself cease to be a person, but take onthe role, speaking metaphorically, of the pen that would record thesedisparate elements onto the form.

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It was held that validity studies of job analyses prepared by Board of Examiners could be withheld under §87(2)(g); dissenting opinion indicated that, following an in camera inspection, the materials should be made available; has been appealed. Current Law: §87(2)(g)

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