Scientists Warn New-Style GMOs Must Not Escape Regulation

The FDA's job is to make sure all food -- genetically altered or not -- is safe to eat

Soybeans - The World's Healthiest Foods

By contrast, body builders eat 1 gram of protein a day for every pound of body weight...We were far from starving, but I was beginning to understand the terrible plight of people in the world who are truly hungry...aside from the misery of hunger itself, it is a dreadfully helpless feeling to not have enough energy to fix the problem that caused the hunger in the first place.

Bigger Firms Increasing Their Power to Control What We Eat

The idea soon caught on, sothat by 1941 the West Hartford Ladies Aid Society Swedish American Cook Book listed severalsuggestions for a smorgasbord, including the following items: butter balls, Swedish rye bread,pumpernickel, hardtack, pickled herring, baked ham, smoked tongue, lingonberries, radish roses,omelets, "Rulle Pulse" (rolled pressed lamb), "liver pastej" (liver paste), jellied veal, head cheese,hot Swedish meatballs, Swedish pork sausage, brown beans, Swedish fish pudding, smokedsalmon, stuffed eggs, potato salad, "sill salad" (herring salad), meat and potato sausage, fruitsalad, Swedish apple cake, and coffee with cream.

"...many of the great cuisines of the world -- Chinese, Japanese, Middle Eastern, Spanish, Frenchand Italian, just for starters -- have long recognized that dawdling over small servings of manydifferent dishes, sharing tidbits and discoveries, not only stretches out a pleasant social eveningbut bonds friends together in a very emotional way.

The Food Timeline: history notes--meals & holiday …

'On the ground we liked thesweet fruit juices, such as mango...In orbit we generally found them too sweet.'...For every mission the food staff recommends a combination of dishes, rotating through different foods every seven days, with the menus repeating after the first week.

What is a "square meal?" What is a square meal

On the prolonged space flights expected in the future, NASA officials anticipate that some astronauts willwant to cook as a form of recreation...administrators are considering cooking facilities in space vehicles so that a future space traveler, hit with the urge for a medium-raresteak and baked potato, could have just that."
---"Dining a la Carte in the Space Shuttle, With a Choice of Entrees," Robert Reinhold, , January 16, 1985 (p.

Excellent question with no simple answers

When both have been used finally, they should be laid diagonally across the plate, with both handles towards the right hand; this is understood by well-trained waiters, to be the signal for removing them, together with the plate...The knife can be used to cut the meat finely, as large pieces of meat are not healthful, and appears very indelicate."
---, Mrs.

Staggering Health Risks of Genetically Engineered Foods …

At Court, only dinner and supper were served, and Thomas Tusser recommended thatservants should not be allowed to sit down to eat before they had done some work."
---, Alison Sim [Sutton Publishing:Phoenix Mill] 1997(p.

Why Doesn't Your Body Digest Corn

The second advantage is that denying a modern fork its possible spoonlike use is wantonly perverse...The former way of eating was not dislodged in North America as it was in the rest of the world.

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As well as this, the cook could makeus dishes like ham toast, croquettes, hashed game and rissoles...Then there were savourypuddings, savoury pies, galantines and meat in jelly...Major L., who published in 1887, divides breakfast into four types: the family breakfast;the dejeuner a la fourchette, where the items were introduced in courses similar to dinner; a coldcollations (which must produce an ornamental effect); and the ambigu which is an entertainment ofa very heterogenous character, having the resemblance to a dinner, only that everything is placedon the table at once; releves, soup, vegetables, and hot entremets are held to be ineligeble...Theseare breakfasts designed for the weekend house party; Major L.